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Report # 45911  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.
Family experiences possible activity outside their home near Bemidji
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YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Beltrami County

LOCATION DETAILS: Our house is surrounded by trees. We have 8.5 acres which borders state land that goes for miles.


NEAREST ROAD: Removed for privacy of witness.

OBSERVED: No noise or odors, this dark figure turned and looked at my son who looked at it for 4 to 5 seconds and then ran back to his mother to tell her what had happened. He looked back after telling his mother and this creature was gone. The first thing my son said to me was its face was grayish brown no hair, but the rest of its body was covered with black hair.

ALSO NOTICED: One more point. I asked my son did this creature have a neck, he said no and that his head was low and forward on its shoulders. We have a creek close by with lakes alot of deer and wildlife.

OTHER WITNESSES: My 9 year-old son was helping his mother plant on the edge of the driveway. He wandered about 20 yards into the forest looking at a pile of branches. He looked up and saw a large dark figure.

OTHER STORIES: Don't know of any. I worked with my son for the details. I paced off about 40 yards to where the creature was and noticed a large print where the thick moss was torn in the shape of a foot. I took a picture. We never walk to this spot, and to tear the thick moss would be a heavy creature. I stood at this spot and my son stood from where he saw it. I raised my hand to where my son said to stop for its height. I am 6ft and my hand was a foot above my head.


ENVIRONMENT: About 60 yards into thick forest bordering our driveway.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mary H:

I spoke with the father of the witness (a 9 year-old boy) by telephone on July 15. The father was eager to discuss the experience and curious to learn more about experiences he and his family have been having on their property. The father submitted the report on behalf of his 9 year-old son who had the sighting. I spoke with both the father and the son.

The son was outside with his mother helping her with yard work. He wandered off from his mother, towards the woods, and noticed a large, dark figure with its back towards him. He said that it turned to face him and he looked back at it. He said the face was gray and brown and hairless. He said he felt scared and excited and ran back to his mother.

There was not enough detail in the photo that was taken of the possible foot impression so it is not included in this report. The family is diligently using game cameras in the hopes of capturing something of interest.

The family has lived at this location since 2011. The property backs up to state-owned land that is heavily forested and hilly. There are power lines and wild raspberries on the property. A creek is located approximately a mile from the house.

The father said that in 2012, there were many deer that would come onto their driveway during the day. He commented that they do not see the deer on the driveway anymore. The father recently noticed a musty odor near his tree stand. The mother often has a feeling that she is being watched when she is outside. They have heard grunting, moaning, and something like a "shush". In addition, the family has heard bipedal footsteps close to their residence.

I believe the father and son are credible. The father is a fisherman and hunter and loves to spend time outdoors. The son was delightful to talk with and did not deviate from his story.

About BFRO Investigator Mary H:

Mary has always believed in the possibility of Sasquatch and became convinced while attending the 2013 Missouri Expedition. She applies her research training, critical thinking skills, and observational skills from her public health degree, technical writing career, and work as a psychiatric nurse. She also loves being outdoors and is an avid runner, hiker, and cyclist.

Mary attended the 2013 Missouri Expedition and the 2014 Iowa Expedition.

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