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Report # 4713  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, July 28, 2002.
Moose hunter has morning encounter in hills of northern Ontario
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YEAR: 1999


MONTH: November



NEAREST TOWN: Northern Ontario, Canada

OBSERVED: While moose hunting early one crisp morning,
i was walking in the spagnum moss all alone deep in the bush, it was in a hilly area and not many people frequent the area at all.
while stalking i had slipped in the moss on a wet stone.
when, i hit the ground from the impact i had been shaken a bit from the fall, getting my bearings i had looked up ,and to my amazement a "thing" was standing there looking at me.
i had thought at first, it was moose getting up from the long grass, 10 yards from where i had fallen .
but, as i looked closer it wasnt a moose, i had brought my gun up, and trying to swing on it,
it looked at me in "amazement".like it knew it was going to be shot!
what, i had seen was not a moose, i couldnt fire on it.
because of the way it moved, and the noises it made, they had startled me so much so, i had thought .... "it is a man"?!
but, it was black and running so fast it was amazing....
it was running and yelling ,,,,,
its yell was very strange.
i remember aiming at it, but listening to its eary scream, (like you would see in a cowboys and indian movie when an indian is about to attack and it charges.)
i hate to use this a a medafor , however, its the best way i can describe it.

so ,i watched it disapper out of site running , i was amazed at the movements and the manner in which it had eluded me.amazing!
i still remember its scream, after it had known i was turning my gun on it.
it was a very quick decision to make, i was on one knee and trying to look at "it" and,
hip aline a shot!
I had enough time to see it that,
when it started to run i had gotten up and targeted it as it ran!
but, as i had mentioned!
I was amazed at what i had seen and heard so, i could not shoot!
I was seeing an animal run but,
it was so man like i couldnt shoot!
I have since that day, frequented this area and found what i feel to be an unusual sheltering spot.
When the initial ordel was over, i was left with a weird feeling .
One of "when, i had fallen, and this "thing" came to see if i was alright, and to my surprise seeing him that close, instictively raising my gun on him"
he reacted to my movement of harm, and i could see it in his movements he was scared!
It was a very quick, and very close encounter.
Maybe, its not the big foot you seek!
But, it was black,large, ran up right, very fast, and i still believe it's movements to be extrememly manlike!

ALSO NOTICED: i had found some place i feel was unusual for a shelter.
i had found a big track there one day, showing some people this bush area,
i had covered it up.

OTHER WITNESSES: i was alone

OTHER STORIES: yes,, there have been some reports near this area but east of here about i.5 hours.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: during the early hours, 7am.
cool crisp day , very quiet

ENVIRONMENT: deep bush, hilly country.
many swamps,and dry grass swamps.
thick cover , ever greens many birches and poplars.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness is an exceptionally skilled woodsman and hunter. He is also a very private man who was reluctant to speak about his encounter. He does not wish to reveal the location of his sighting, except to say that it occurred in northern Ontario. The following additional information was gathered from numerous communications with him:

After falling hard the witness began gathering himself up and saw that an animal had appeared in front of him. It was "so close," and he reacted instinctively: "I wheeled my gun to shoot. But it ran like a man... had hair, short in length... made a sound like a weird, scared screaming, as if it knew I was going to shoot it." The witness described the animal further, saying "It was taller than I. I am 6'2", weight 220 lbs, and it dwarfed me."

Aspects of the encounter have deeply affected the witness. He felt as though the animal appeared suddenly that way because of his fall and intimated that it may have been concerned for him. The suggestion is that the animal had been watching the witness, unseen, until his fall. When the man looked up after falling and saw the large animal, they made good eye contact, and he has been quite moved by what he "read" from the animal's eyes: "I could see it in his eyes, that's when I was amazed! It seemed so much human... What I seen looked like a man! I was trying to understand what had come to help me. Then seeing it run, I was unsure what it was, so I did not shoot. It was shocked when I got up fast on my feet."

His feeling was that initially the animal felt comfortable approaching closely and that the way he reacted - swinging his gun up, jumping to his feet - "shocked," and made the animal "feel betrayal." He said "He (the animal) was too close and comfortable - why? He trusted me and I instinctively turned on him. I wish I had not, and if I could redo it again... (I would not raise my gun on it)." He went on to say, "He's not a scary animal, just very much in tune. The idea of it being human like… in this you are correct. Very correct!"

I have no doubts about the witness's honesty and think the animal he encountered was a sasquatch. Its behavior, both in approaching him when he fell and in showing surprise and fright when he brought up his rifle, suggest sophisticated thought processes. The animal's motivation in approaching the man when he fell is also interesting to speculate upon.

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