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Report # 4789  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 9, 2002.
Tree top snaps off while man casts suspected sasquatch track near by
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Burnett County

LOCATION DETAILS: Around 5 miles north of Danbury


NEAREST ROAD: Wisconsin Highway 35

OBSERVED: On June 1,2002 I checked out animal tracks on a muddy curve near Danbury, Wisconsin. I soon noticed a 17 1/4 inch human like footprint. So drove into town to purchase a camera and casting material. Before leaving the find area I tossed some apples from the car into the brush at the site. Returning there after about one hour in town and driving. I took photos of the footprint and surrounding area. I then began to cast the print. While doing this a commotion of rustling bushes started up nearby. It appearred to do so without benefit of much wind. So I stood up apprehensibly and looked in that direction. As I stepped back to get a better look the rustling"bushes shot twenty feet in the air accompanied by a loud crack. Where upon the top of a birch tree that had been pulled down and shaken fell to the shoulder of the road within a few feet of me. That was followed by three or four whinny type vocalizations very close by in the woods. The sound did not appear to be a threatening one but rather a mischievious chuckle of some type. Days later the outline of a bigfoot creature was found on one of the photos. I am with holding that photo until I can authenticate it thoroughly. The figure stood about seven feet or so and on several other occasions following June 1st made himself known to me by following me as I checked the road for further footprints{none "castable" found] . Creature appearred to cross the road in three places,each where the stream nearby passed close to the road. Either to avoid being seen in the water or to avoid areas where modern day trappers put beaver sets. Creature travels otherwise exclusively in the water for which he is perfectly evolved.Think about it ,the wide feet, the up then straght down step, the weight to anchor against current s ,the height to still spot danger and long arms to reach down ,not up!. To scoop up the crayfish and things IN THE WATER>.

ALSO NOTICED: The footprint cast shows a deep indentation at the ball of the foot. could be the work of bones in the theorized flexible foot. Or could be the result of creature stepping on deer track. There were lots of deer tracks in that spot.


OTHER STORIES: None of recent vintage. The area has unique features as a place where geological changes such as soil composition and habitat for bear denning etc occur in relatively short distances. It is what drew me here to look for evidence of the creatures.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: noon /sunlit beautiful day

ENVIRONMENT: Near large river, small stream ,dense thickets and swampland, also high valley rim all within 3/4 mile radius

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness has photographs showing the aspen (not birch) tree before and after its top snapped off. It is a healthy looking tree approximately 7 inches in diameter at chest height and about 4 inches in diameter about 16 feet up, where it broke off. The top 15 feet or so, the crown of the tree, was in full leaf when it broke off. I inspected the tree and cannot understand why it would break off as it did. I did not find any hairs stuck to the tree. As indicated, the witness has a picture showing the intact tree (figure 1), (photographed incidentally when taking pictures to show the area surrounding the suspect track), and then a picture of the same tree (taken from nearly the same position as the first photo) showing the tree with its top snapped off and lying on the ground (figure 2). The weather was calm and it was a warm, sunny day when this happened. The trunk of the tree at the break point was green and strong looking.

The cast track lacks sufficient detail to determine how it was made or what made it. It can only be said that a sasquatch may have made it (figure 3). The photograph the witness refers to as showing a possible sasquatch could be interpreted as being only a pattern in the leaves. That would be my interpretation of it. It does warrant further scrutiny, however, and the witness is pursuing that.

To me the most compelling aspect of this incident is the tree break. I can not see how it could happen under the circumstances the witness described unless an animal did it. Iíve gotten to know the witness quite well and trust in his honesty.

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