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Report # 4940  (Class A)
Submitted by witness R.G. the rest confidential on Monday, September 16, 2002.
Morning sighting by three fishermen near the east end of Riffe Lake
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September

DATE: 14th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: There was actually a highway closer than SR 12 but I don't know what it is called. We put in on Riffe Lake @ Mossyrock State Park and ran all the way up the lake to Kosmos. We were at a point in view of what is called the "fishing bridge" and there is a highway there.



OBSERVED: It was Saturday, 9/14/02, at around 11:15AM while fishing on Riffe Lake. I had my son and a friend of his in the boat with me. We had pulled up to a point and shut down to start fishing when I scanned the clearcut like I always do looking for deer or elk. About 150 yards off of the shore, I noticed something walking. My first thought was "it sure is awful warm to be bundled up like that" and then immediately thought "your coat sleeves are really long". I then said to the boys, "hey look, a sasquatch". They both spotted it and it was walking away from us at a 45* angle looking back over its left shoulder. It went behind a big stump and we didn't see it for several seconds. It came out from the other side and stood facing us and just looked at us for probably 30 seconds. At this point we all got serious because we could tell that it didn't appear to be a human and I know it was not a bear. It turned and started walking away from us looking back ever so often. It stopped just before going down a little raven and stood looking at us again. It went down in the ravene and up the other side then disappeared into the timber. The boys were very "excited & nervous" by now. We discussed this amongst ourselves and I guess we watched this thing for close to 5 minutes. I am originally from Arkansas, just a farm boy who has hunted and fished all of my life. I have heard people talk about these things for years and haven't given them much thought one way or another. What we saw definetly was not human, it was hairy from head to toe and was large, I don't know how tall. It walked with long strides and it's arms & hand swung in an long swings as it walked. At approximately 150 yards, coupled with the amount of time it was in sight, we had a pretty good look. We are going back to the lake this Saturday and I am going to get out and look around. This time I'm taking binoculars and a camcorder. I'm not one to get caught up in myths, but what we saw wasn't ordinary.


OTHER WITNESSES: 2 - My 13 year old son and a friend of his who is also 13. We had just shut the boat down and was getting ready to fish on the point


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11:15AM - Clear & sunny

ENVIRONMENT: It was in a clear cut down by the lake

Follow-up investigation report:

This investigator with the help of a few volunteers scoured the sighting area on Sept. 18th 2002. We were hoping to find fresh tracks or possibly tracks from the day of the sighting. It rained in the area both Sunday and Monday but yesterday and today have been warmer and clear weather. The sighting area is grassy with lots of driftwood, logs and floating debris. The grass is matted with dead dried algae from when the water level had flooded this area earlier in the summer. You could see clearly where deer and other animals had crossed this grassy area. There were areas that appeared to be bipedal track ways from earlier in the summer when the area was still flooded or still very wet. There was a lot of cougar, bobcat, coyote, black bear and deer sign in the area (tracks and feces) but nothing we could definitely identify as being sasquatch sign.

The witness is very positive this was not a human, bear or some other misidentification.

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