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Report # 4964  (Class A)
Submitted by witness K.B. on Wednesday, December 29, 1999.
Evening sighting by couple near Latham
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 22


COUNTY: Pike County


NEAREST ROAD: Green Ridge Road

OBSERVED: We were setting up a burn barrel out by the woods. We thought that the wind had blown it over but it was one third full so it could not have been the wind. Barrel would not sit straight so I was walking across the yard to get a piece of pipe to sit under it to hold it up. Half way across the yard I heard brush, breaking when I looked over,we saw a large hairy creature very tall staring at us. I let out a holler and it turned and walked away slowly in a large stride swinging its arms almost like a person but definitely was not. Looked about seven foot tall.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were getting my Grandmother's burn barrel. We thought that it has blown over. But this could not have been since it had 10 to 12 inches of burnt trash in it. I was walking over across the yard to get a piece of pipe on the bank. When I got half way there was when I heard the brush and looked over and there it was staring at us.When I hollered, it walked away slowly in a long stride and swinging his long arms.


ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report:

This investigator placed a telephone call to the male witness, who along with his girlfriend who claimed to have witnessed a large creature on the night evening of December 22, 1999. The following is what the witness described to me.

App. 7:30 PM
Pike County, Ohio

"My girlfriend and I went to my grandmothers house to check on some things. We noticed that the barrel we use for burning leaves and trash had tipped over. I thought that was weird because the barrel was quite full. We went around the garage towards the wood to have a look around. That's when we saw this large creature with real long arms. We just looked at it as it moved towards the woods. It took three large steps. Then, we ran for the car. It scared us. All I can remember now is that it was like a shadow. I don't remember any other details, only to say to didn't seem afraid of us."

"My dad is 6' 3" 250 lb. it was considerably larger than him and taller with long arms."

He went on to tell me that they were about two car lengths from this creature. He apologized for not being able to give a better description..


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