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Report # 49766  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 14, 2015.
Grandmother and grandson spot a tall figure by the road's edge at East Fork State Park
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YEAR: 2015


MONTH: September

DATE: 13


COUNTY: Clermont County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take Route 125 east out of Cincinnati, Ohio and go through Amelia for about four or five miles. You will come to a light with route 222 on right and old Route 74 on left. Turn left on Old 74 for about a quarter of a mile and you will see the entrance to park on left. Turn into park and go about 100 yards and that is the location of where we saw it.

NEAREST TOWN: Amelia, Ohio

NEAREST ROAD: Old Route 74 off Rt. 125

OBSERVED: My grandson and I had driven up to East Fork Lake to take pictures of deer. They come out in the evening to graze near the lake. We took a few photos of the deer then decided to leave because it was getting dark. As we were leaving the park (two lane road with heavy woods on both sides of road), I had been talking to him (he was driving and I was in the passenger seat) when I turned my head forward and noticed something a short distance in front of us next to the side of the road. There was something tall and very dark that was hard to make out. As we slowly passed it I could finally see it and realize it was a Sasquatch. It was very large with a chest about 3 feet wide and stood about 7 to 8 feet tall. It was not moving, it was just standing there looking down the road from whence we had just come. I said to my grandson "what was that” and he could not answer. We kept driving out of the park too afraid to turn around and go back. It had come out of the woods and was probably getting ready to cross into the heavy woods across the road. That animal was huge and looked very powerful. I was shocked because it is a busy park but with a lot of deer and people with picnics. I forgot to mention it was late, somewhere around 8 PM, the sun had already gone down but we were still able to make out object from the twilight.

ALSO NOTICED: To quick to notice.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me and my grandson. I am 74 and he is 31.

OTHER STORIES: There have been two that I know of. One was a couple of fishermen who were night fishing and large rocks started being thrown at them. They didn't do anything because they were curious but soon this animal started screaming and they got out of there real fast. This was to have happened last year.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Cool crisp weather. It was twilight around 8pm

ENVIRONMENT: Two lane road in and out of state park. About 10 to15 feet on both sides mowed grass then heavy woods on both sides of road. The sighting was before the ranger station on the left side of road going in.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Crisman:

Spoke with the witness on the phone on Friday 9/17 and met with her and her grandson on Saturday 9/18 at the sighting location.

She and her grandson had been to East Fork State Park to photograph deer in a grove near the beach. When leaving the park at approximately 8-8:15 PM, grandson driving the vehicle, noticed a tall object on the right side of the road from about 150 ft. which he attributed to a cedar tree. From this point he continued to drive looking out for deer.

She didn't notice the object until it was approximately 10 to 15 ft. in front of the vehicle and approximately 3 ft. off the side of the road on the passenger side. In her report she estimated it was between 7-8 ft. tall and couldn't see the face/top of it as they rode by. From the passenger seat where she was sitting, the top of the line of sight was approximately 6'10''-7' (give or take 6" depending on the exact location of the subject and the location of the car in proximity to the edge of the road).

Photo of the curve they were rounding that evening as they were leaving the park, rounding the curve they were heading SW:

This photo is approximately where the grandson first noticed the shape and assumed it was a tree. Their vehicle that you can see is in the approximate location of where the figure was:

This photo illustrates how close the treeline is to the road:

In this photo we are attempting to determine the possible height, I'm standing approximately the same distance off the road as where the figure stood:

About BFRO Investigator Jeff Crisman:

Jeff has been interested in the bigfoot mystery since a young age. Growing up in Central Colorado, he formed an early bond with the outdoors. After serving eight years in the USAF as a medic, Jeff now resides in Southern Ohio.

Jeff enjoys camping and hiking, and believes that every piece of evidence should be examined critically. He has attended multiple expeditions, BFRO Ohio as well as several private outings.

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