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Report # 49906  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, October 3, 2015.
Morning hiker hears possible knocks and strange vocals in the Uwharrie National Forest
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YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 24

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Montgomery County

LOCATION DETAILS: Woodrun Dutchmans creek trailhead, sparsely used atv trail conjoined there. I walked around near where the worn down "town" was and heard the knocks toward the left but the cry came from around the back side of the building.

NEAREST TOWN: Troy i think

NEAREST ROAD: atv trail head of Woodrun and Dutchmans creek.

OBSERVED: I wasn't going to share this until i saw a similar experience in the same area of the Uwharrie forest. I was at the trailhead of Dutchmans Creek at 9 in the morning during a week day about two weeks ago. Mine was the only car at the trailhead until after 10:30 with only logging trucks passing through every 30-45 minutes. I was walking down Dutchmans Creek, enjoying the solitude and quiet of the forest when I turned a bend and heard a loud wood knock at my two o'clock and was answered by another at my 10 o'clock within one second of the first. It threw me off because it sounded like an answering reply. I walked back up the trail and hung out for about thirty minutes just listening relaxing before I choose to head back down the trail. As i approached the same bend in the trail I again heard a wood knock at my 10 o'clock and then a second at my 5 o'clock. Extremely weird I thought, and again within one second of each other. I decided to walk back up the trail towards the second knock. There's an atv trail near the trailhead I walked up until I heard another wood knock around the same area I would have estimated the second at my 5 o'clock would have been. I waited for about fifteen minutes without hearing or seeing anything else. I decided to walk back to the base of the trail head and within twenty foot steps back down the trail I heard something huff at me from over my left shoulder. It came from inside a deep ditch but I didn't see anything there. I've had deer huff at me before when I've gotten close and they spotted me, I'm sure bear huff as well to threaten/challenge something but what got me was that I heard and saw no movement at all throughout this entire time. I walked back to the trailhead, waited 15-20 min and then snook back towards the same spot. I was completely quiet; no rustling from my clothes, boots didn't rustle plants and no crunch from dried leaves or twigs. As I approached I heard what sounded like a guttural baby moan or call. This occurred in high brush on the other side of the ditch to my right. The sound occurred every hand full of minutes and I would creep closer to see if I could spot it. Though the sound would change the direction it was facing there was never any movement in the brush and though I always carry when I'm in the woods I dared not enter into the thick brush, especially since I couldn't identify the animal that had huffed at me nor what type of animal was making the cries from in the brush. I didn't feel spooked until after the event when I thought over what had happened. I enjoy the woods, tracking and following game trails and though most of my experience is in Florida swamps with hogs or deer I couldn't identify the guttural moaning or see the thing that huffed at me.

ALSO NOTICED: It stormed later that afternoon, wind picked up and such.

OTHER WITNESSES: just me, I left shortly after cars started pulling in.

OTHER STORIES: Wood knocking and cries at night. I've studied first nations hunting methods and was surprised to learn that bigfoots supposedly use many of the same methods. Not sure if many people realize the connection.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 9-10:30 am., no other people were on the trail until after that.

ENVIRONMENT: lots of pine to the right, ground very uneven/hilly it would be very easy to use that terrain to spot stalk; staying behind an incline that muffles sound and sight while being able to stay within fifty or so yards of your target.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Larry Sidwell:

I spoke with the witness by phone about 6 weeks after his encounter. The accounts were still very fresh on his mind. He spends lots of time outdoors and is an avid hunter.

He had traveled to the Uwharries to scout out an area to deer hunt in the upcoming season. He lives in a town fairly close, and the Uwharries have a lot of public game land, with a healthy population of Whitetail Deer.

In addition to his very detailed report, I'll add the following details from our conversation. The first sets of knocks were very loud, wood on wood. He estimated that they were within 200 meters or closer. He is very convinced that they were knock responses, communicating his presence.

The second set of knocks were at the very same bend in the trail as the first set. They were very loud and a bit closer he thought. The response was within 1 or 2 seconds just like the first. He felt they were sounding an alert that he was back in the area.

He hiked toward the sound of the second knocks origin and stayed for a while, as he headed back towards the trailhead he heard a very loud, and deep "huff" from the deep ditch along the trail. He stated he had heard deer "blow" at him before and this was much deeper and resonated as a larger animal.

He returned to the trailhead and composed himself to go back and investigate the sounds. Upon returning to the spot he started hearing guttural baby crying sounds. He kept trying to see the source of the sounds but there was no movement. He could tell the sounds were being directed in different directions but there was no movement. There are old abandoned buildings in the area, but nobody else was seen. I asked the witness to try and recreate those sounds and he said he could not do it justice. This went on for a few minutes and then he returned to the trailhead.

He was armed with a shotgun loaded with a slug, but would not go into the brush to see what was making those sounds. It was nothing he had ever heard in the woods before. He stated he was not scared until he got back to the trailhead, and started thinking about all the "odd" sounds and knocks he had encountered.

The Uwharries are a very active Sasquatch area. There is plenty of cover, food and waterways to support a large bipedal animal. There are many reports from this area and I anticipate many more in the future.

About BFRO Investigator Larry Sidwell:

Larry became interested in Bigfoot at an early age after viewing the Patterson - Gimlin footage. Spent a lot of time in his youth hiking and exploring his families' farms in Clark County, Kentucky. Now resides in Bridgeport,WV.

BFRO public expeditions Larry has attended: 2012 West Virginia, 2013 Kentucky, 2013 West Virginia, 2013 Western North Carolina, 2014 North Carolina, 2014 ,Kentucky (Bluegrass Region), 2017 Maryland, 2019 Western Kentucky, 2020 Kentucky, 2021 Pennsylvania, 2021 Kentucky, 2022 South Carolina, 2022 Fall Tennessee, 2022 Kentucky.

Private expeditions Larry has attended: 2013 SEBFRO Nantahalla National Forest, 2014 Winter Uwharrie National Forest, 2014 Pisgah National Forest, 2014 Fall Uwharrie National Forest, 2015 Croatan National Forest, 2015 Forbes State Forest, Pennsylvania, 2015 Uwharrie National Forest, 2016 KBRO Kentucky, 2016 Monongahela National Forest, 2017 Monongahela National Forest, 2018 Southwest Virginia, 2019 KBRO Kentucky, 2021 KBRO Kentucky, 2021 ECE Spring Monongahela NationalForest, 2021 Fall ECE Monongahela, 2022 KBRO Spring Kentucky, 2022 KBRO Fall Expetion.

Conferences attended: 2013 Midnight Walkers Southeastern Bigfoot Conference, Dahlonega Georgia, and the 2014 and 2019 Ohio Bigfoot Conference, 2021 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, 2021 Cryptid Con Lexington, Ky, 2022 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, Gatlinburg, TN.

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