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Report # 4994  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 23, 2002.
Two boys have afternoon sighting out behind family land in Sabine River Basin.
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YEAR: 1975


MONTH: November

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Van Zandt County


NEAREST ROAD: County Rd 1215

OBSERVED: A friend and I were at the back of my family's land playing at the creek. As we were playing I noticed something under a tree that was out in a pasture along a fence line. My friend and myself saw what appeared to be something squatting down. This thing was humane in appearence but was dark in color that looked like fur or long hair. As we watched it suddenly seemed to raise up its arm. At this time we are scared and start to head back to the house. We looked back and then again it raised it's arm then let it fall back to it's side. We ran as fast as we could back to my house. This thing looked just like a huge monkey squatting down.


OTHER WITNESSES: Yes we were just playing beside the creek.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late afternoon and it was clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Creek bottom wooded beside an open field.

Follow-up investigation report:

Both witnesses were available for interviews.

The witnesses recalled that they had finished "burning the trash" at the direction of the submitting witness's mother. They then found themselves playing and wandering at the back of the family land near the creek that connected to the Sabine River.

The boys, who were best of friends, simultaneously noticed a strange animal at a distance of 100 yards or so. The animal appeared to be bipedally squatting and the boys thought that it appeared to be some sort of dark-colored, hair-covered "large monkey." As the boys watched in excess of a minute, the strange creature would raise one arm momentarily, then raise the other, then appear to stand somewhat upright before resuming a squatting position. It seemed to be facing the boys and crouched in front of a tree or possibly leaning on the tree - the boys could not be certain.

After a minute or so of observing the curious creature, the boys hastily returned home. They became frightened when they began to ponder what it was that they were witnessing. They told no one for a long period of time after the sighting, for fear of ridicule. When the boys finally did share their experience, friends and family members alike teased and ridiculed them.

In East Texas, many sighting reports are concentrated along the Sabine River Basin. Though this report is older, I consider it to be significant and relevant to our current, ongoing field research in the Sabine River Basin area. According to the witnesses, the site has remained undeveloped and has changed very little, if at all. The witnesses also remarked that human activity is nearly nonexistent in the area. The area is heavily wooded, is probably no more than ten miles from the Sabine River, is in an area of low human population density and annual rainfall is approximately forty inches.

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