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Report # 5022  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 29, 2002.
Tracks found in snow & other stories from vicinity of Bear Mountain State Park
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Winter

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Rockland County



OBSERVED: My incident was no visual in the sense of seeing bigfoot itself. another family member of mine has seen him before. So it has been common in the area. My incident however was simply footprints in the snow. I saw the footprints in the snow in the morning. We had snow the night before. The footprints started around a tree in front of our house. I followed them and they led around the back of our house to another tree. The footprints then circled around the area in front of the tree about 4 full circles and then stopped. There were no footsteps leading from the circle to anywhere else, as well as no footsteps back to the front of the house. I put a garbage can lid over one of the prints to preserve it until I could take a picture of it. Unfortunately I never had a chance.

OTHER WITNESSES: there were others that saw the footprints with me, but I can guarantee that they want nothing to do with this.

OTHER STORIES: The other incidents that I heard of came from within the same street. In my incident I talked about the chicken coup and shed/rabbit cages. Well the raspberry bushes in between had a trailer in front of them, and the main house in front of the trailer. One incident occured when someone was cooking in the trailer and found themselves from the story I was told looking eye to eye with bigfoot. The person was in shock, lying under the bed, and the other person in the kitchen with them ran to the window after the person who made eye contact ran. the second person saw the rear of the animal and it was hairy. They never said if it was on all fours, or on two feet. But the window in the trailer was at least 7 foot off the ground outside.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I saw the footprints in the morning, so it was at some point during the night. We had no snow previous to that night.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is fairly dense forest. We live pretty much in Bear Mountain state park. So there is a combination of coniferus and decidous trees. The area where the footprints led to was our chicken coup. I can't remember if at the time there were chickens in it or not. Where the footprints started there was a cherry, apple, and chesnut tree. About 30 yards to the right of the chicken coup there was a shed that we had built little cages for our rabbits. In between the chicken coup and shed/rabbit cages was a thick area of rasberry, and black berry bushes. And to the immediate front right side of the shed/rabbit cages was a young pear tree.

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