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Report # 5072  (Class B)
Submitted by witness G.S. on Friday, October 11, 2002.
Witness reports seeing footprints as a child
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YEAR: 1977


MONTH: September

DATE: unknown


COUNTY: Humboldt County

NEAREST TOWN: ottosen ia

NEAREST ROAD: now is rossing ave

OBSERVED: This happened when I was very young. I figured it would have been reported. I was aproxametley 6 years old and was helping my mother cut some weeds out of the feild before my father combined and we discoverd some very large footprints heading from the end of the field towards the house. We stopped my father who was in the combine and showed the tracks to him witch looked very human like. But upon comparison to his foot was very large, and the stride it had taken was very large un reproducable for my father who was 5-11" . My parents reported it to the sheriffs department and they came and investigated the tracks. Many of the locals and others came and looked at the tracks also. All I know is that it scared me to death and had many a nightmares about it and my father went and bought a big gun in case it came back.

OTHER WITNESSES: Sherriffs department and many others. One of the deputys had a daughter in my older brothers class and he said deffinetly it was a bigfoot that had left those tracks.

OTHER STORIES: All kinds of sighting reports and stories but think they all started after our tracks were found.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: afternoon tracks were discovered

ENVIRONMENT: Trough the middle of a bean field heading straight towards our house.

Follow-up investigation report:

This took place in 1977 or so, while G.S. was five or six. He was pulling weeds with his mother as his father was combining, when they saw one set of tracks with three big toes, the first toe bieng larger than the rest. The tracks were 14-15 inches long, and had larger than a three foot stride. The tracks went from the field to the house, which was about a half mile away. The tracks actually ended a hundred feet from the house. The tracks began in the middle of the center of the field, and ran north to south. They ended in his yard, as the soil was much firmer. The family called the sheriff's department, but publicly they laughed off the incident. G.S. indicated that threre had been other reports of this nature in Ottosen, the town in which he lived. He also told me that he went to school with one of the sheriff's daughters, and she told him that quitely, the sheriff and his men thought that something was indeed out there.
One or two years later, a large set of tracks paralleled by a smaller set was seen in the same area on the farm. The larger set was 14-15 inches long, but the smaller set was only six inches long. The tracks went up to the gravel, and up to the house. G.S. indicated that one could see where the tracks walked around the house. He did say right next to the tracks that he saw a pile of excrement. Flat and shapeless like a cowpatty, red-brown in color, and corn material still imbedded in the excrement.
G.S. told me that after this, his father was so frightened that he went out and bought a high powered rifle.

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