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Report # 51612  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 31, 2016.
Rural North Texas family has nighttime road crossing sighting near Bluegrove
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YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 17

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Clay County

LOCATION DETAILS: Fm 148 between Henrietta TX and Jacksboro TX then FM 172 to Bluegrove TX and Scotland TX

NEAREST TOWN: Henrietta 20 miles Bluegrove 5 miles

NEAREST ROAD: Old Joy Shannon Road

OBSERVED: Myself, my wife, and 4 children were on our way back home from church on rural dirt road, Old Joy Shannon Road. At the edge of my headlights something appeared on the side of the road. I slammed on my brakes, and before we stopped it, he'd crossed the road. It had taken one step onto the middle of the road and the next was on the other side. Then it went over a barb wire fence with a step. We sat there trying to make sense of what we had just seen and the only thing we could think of is sasquatch. This has changed our whole outlook on what might be out there.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night rural only light was headlights

ENVIRONMENT: Rural with pasture and thick woods all around

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

I spoke with the witness by phone and then met him and his teenage daughter at the location of the sighting. In addition to his report narrative, he provided these details.

It was a very dark night about 10 pm. The creature, when first sighted, ran from an open field on the west side of the road at a high rate of speed, cleared a 5 strand barbed wire fence into a 3 foot deep ditch, traversed the gravel road in two strides, went behind a tree, and was lost from sight as it was heading east. It took me 4 very long strides to cross the road. The fence it cleared first was about 5 feet tall. A four strand barbed wire fence that it presumably cleared on the east side of the road was about a foot shorter. The witness was traveling at about 55 mph when he first saw it and immediately slammed on his brakes. At this point, he was about 100 yards from the creature. Because of the light conditions, he could not provide additional details of its anatomy other than huge, dark, hairy, massive arms, and on two legs. The terrain in the area was mixed pasture, cropland, and forest, with creeks and small ponds nearby.

When asked about other unusual occurrences in his area, he mentioned that he shot a large wild hog in the neck with a high powered rifle, killing it, but was unable to drag it to a pickup site without help. He went home for help; and when they returned, the hog was gone. As a long time hunter and outdoorsman, he was certain that it was dead. He also mentioned that he had found the remains of several dead deer in the vicinity with broken necks, one being a large 8 point buck that he had been seeing on game cameras.

I found the witness and his daughter to be very articulate, consistent, and forthright in describing what they saw. He stated that he had a background in law enforcement, and I believe him and his daughter to be very credible witnesses.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

Gary is a retired USAF pilot, a Vietnam veteran with 312 combat missions in the B-52. He also retired from American Airlines in 2008 after 18 years service as a flight training manager. A graduate of USAF ground and sea survival schools, Gary is an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He has been following the bigfoot phenomenon since the 1950's.

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