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Report # 5249  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 6, 2002.
Man exploring canyons southeast of Grand Coulee is growled at by unknown animal
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: 174 E from Grand Coulee
There is a road that goes down to Lake Roosevelt, ie. the Spring Canyon Road by Lake View Terrace Mobile Park. Turn on this road going uphill (south from 174). The road is blocked by two gates. The gate on the left is the one you want. The road is disguised at first. Walking up the road, there is a 1920's/1930's vintage water pipe going with the road. At the top, as the road curves to the left at a high point, there is a small mesa on your right. Spring Canyon winds around this Mesa. Climb on top for a view. To the SouthEast, there is a beautiful dry waterfall with dense vegatation behind it. That is the lair. The best way up is to go directly East/up and walk around a wheat field.

NEAREST TOWN: Grand Coulee, WA


OBSERVED: Grande Coulee, Wash -- Mid Aug 2002

Spring Canyon -- Way up in the canyon, there is a densely wooded region behind a dry water fall, in the highest part of the canyon to the SouthEast. I didn't actually see anything, but having climbed up there to get a view, I was warned in no uncertain terms -- a grunting hum with a stamping of feet. The Beast inhaled and exhaled with a sound like a large bull. The animal must have enomous girth, given the sound. And then total silence. I altered by approach to the water fall's edge. I waited, no sounds, no nothing. I wasn't going in those woods, however.

I thought it might be a rogue bull, but given what I've heard about how BigFoot is, how he sounds, the rocky hard-to-get-to area, and the very dense vegatation. It might be a BigFoot residence. It's probably worth a look.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early afternoon

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