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Report # 55290  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 30, 2016.
Possible footprint found by a family looking for moose antlers near Wilson Mills
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 26th

STATE: Maine

COUNTY: Oxford County

LOCATION DETAILS: very close to the lake, near a road called Alca Flats or Alca road

NEAREST TOWN: Wilson Mills, ME/ Errol


OBSERVED: While on vacation with my wife in northern NH/ME area called Lake Aziscohos. we decided to go moose antler hunting to find some dropped racks. while heading into a clearing we started following moose tracks, we went further past the clearing and came to a small water run-off ditch. Well in this small ditch we saw a very unusual track for anywhere in the northeast, a five toe'd track that was HUGE!!! I took pictures, I did not have casting material, but i do have pictures with an altoids box for size comparison, we estimated this track to be between 20-22" long and I'd say about 8-10" wide. this was NOT, I repeat NOT like any other tracks we have seen, the track had no claw marks, I've been an avid watcher of Finding Bigfoot and do wood knocks regularly along with screams. My wife WAS NOT a believer,but after this print, she looked at me and said "NOW I BELIEVE YOU" this is 100% true, I took pictures of the print!!!

ALSO NOTICED: Tree breaks all pointing in the direction of the game trail, where it gets super dense, nothing but woods for miles n miles

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes my wife, I also went back to get 2 other witnesses, there was also a tree break about 8 feet high from a VERY healthy tree


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Print was found around 2pm in a VERY UNINHABITED area of Maine, nothing but backwoods, logging roads

ENVIRONMENT: DENSE FOREST, off of an old logging site, but further up a game trail

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Sheppard:

I had the opportunity to speak with Xxxx on August 2nd 2016 for approximately 1 hour about his footprint discovery while vacationing in Maine. He and his family were staying with friends at a remote camp on the shores of Azicohos Lake in Northwest ME. Near to where they were staying logging companies had forested the area in the not too distant past. He and his wife thought it would be fun to see if they could find a rack of antlers from a moose as a souvenir.

While driving some of the many logging roads in the area they found a clearing and decided to stop and explore. They scoured the clearing and found moose tracks. The clearing turned into a game trail that they continued to follow where they noticed what appeared to be a small natural culvert.

In the culvert the family was quite surprised to find a huge human like footprint with 5 toes pressed into the earth. They did not have any type of measuring device with them but had the forethought to take pictures of their find using an altoids mint container and womans size 8 flip flop for scale. They estimated the footprint to be between 20” and 22” long. Due to the composition of the forest floor there were no other identifiable footprints other than the one in the culvert. Having a young child with them they opted not to continue on the game trail after their find and returned to their camp.

When asked if they experienced anything else that may have seemed unusual or out of place Xxxx mentioned that they had seen a series of individual broken birch trees along the game trail. They all had an identical break and were resting with the tops of the trees at the same angle to their bases as if they were some sort of trail marker pointing the way down this trail.

Xxxx also mentioned that on a previous night they saw strange lights that would shoot up and disappear into the sky across the lake from where they were staying. He mentioned that there were no other camps on the far side of the lake so it did not make sense that there should be any light source where they saw the lights. They also saw what appeared to be a bluish orb that came in and out of sight on the far side of the lake.

The family did do some wood knocks and calls (back at camp) after finding the footprint but were unsuccessful in soliciting any responses. They never found any antler racks but stated that finding the giant footprint was well worth their time in the woods and that was the highlight of their vacation.

Xxxx was quite happy to talk about his family’s adventure. He was forth coming with information, was very open and seemed quite sincere. He sent pictures of their find in a timely manner for inspection. He has had an interest and been a believer in Bigfoot for a long time. He is happy that his wife was with him and could share in the find of the track and is now also a believer.

Xxxx is 36 years old; he and his family reside in Northeast VT where he is a wholesale vendor for a national home improvement chain. The family enjoys spending time outdoors together.

About BFRO Investigator Jeff Sheppard:

Jeff is a Middle School Technology/Engineering teacher from MA. He loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and dogs any chance he gets. He has had a fascination with all things that fall into the cryptozoology category since a young age.

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