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Report # 56752  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, February 12, 2017.
Man recalls hitting and killing a strange creature with his car near Cochran
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YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 11

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Dodge County

LOCATION DETAILS: We have 80 acres you could investigate and a Swamp on the backside



OBSERVED: My father-in-law hit and killed a creature 30 years ago in his car. He called DR they took it away. He has never heard anything back from it. 6-7 ft tall covered in hair walking on 2 legs like a man. This is the interesting thing... snout like a bear or hog long fangs!! 30 people gathered around to see it. I don't think it was a bigfoot but it was something weird like a werewolf. I have seen big foots on our property, wood knocks so loud it scared me to death. Terrible smells like I can't explain and foot prints in fields. Small monkey like creatures in trees. I am not on drugs... I know I have seen these things.
I wish yall could investigate our area. We have 80 acres.

OTHER WITNESSES: 30 people saw the dead creature

OTHER STORIES: All the time

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late afternoon. Early morning

ENVIRONMENT: Swamp bridge creek. Gum swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

I spoke with the father-in-law by phone and even though this incident took place some 30 years ago, the events are still fresh in his mind. He even recalled the name of the wildlife officer that called him to say they retrieved the body.

It was between 7-8:00pm and had just got dark. The witness was driving alone in his Grand Torino on Roddy Hwy and was just about to cross a small bridge when a 5' tall creature emerged from the right and ran on two legs into the road. The witness at this point corrected his daughter-in-laws previous description of a 6-7' tall animal. He was traveling at approx. 50 mph, and it was a clear evening with no fog. The witness stated several times that this creature was definitely running on two legs. The animal ran directly in front of his vehicle. He hit it squarely in the center of his grill and hit it quite hard. Not a glancing blow. The impact knocked the creature off the road, and over to the side of the road. The witness got out of the vehicle, walked over to the creature and was amazed at what he was looking at. He described as at first looking like a mixture of three or four different animals. It had the coarse hair of a boar, but it was multi-colored. Grey, brown, white, and black were the prominent colors. He did notice no visible tail. It looked to weigh approx. 70/80 lbs, it had a long snout with fangs that protruded out of its mouth. The front quarters ended in paws like a kangaroo (not hands). The witness stated it definitely ran out on two legs, and it was not hopping. It looked like a mixture of a wolf, a boar, a man, and a bear. Several people came out of their homes to see the creature for themselves. Other people who drove by the spot also saw the creature. The area locals spoke about this incident for many years. The creature laid there on the side of the road, overnight, until early the next morning, when he received a call from the wildlife officer saying they had picked up the animal and were disposing of it. They never spoke about what it might have been. The conversation was all business. Efforts to locate the officer, ended with the discovery of his passing in 2016, and his wife, a few years before. They had no children. The witness stated that before he hit and killed this animal, there was much discussion in the area concerning very unusual livestock kills. Individuals were losing pigs, cows, calves, and horses to an unknown animal.

The witness sent me his sketch:

About BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

David has three daughters and a wife that shares his interest in research, both having developed a deep respect for nature and knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife. Attended Northern Florida Expedition 2011, 2012 Washington Exp., and 2012 North Florida exp. Prior US Navy and currently works as a Leasing Agent, spending his time off in the woods as often as he can investigating Bigfoot reports.

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