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Report # 57103  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.
LEO has a daylight sighting at a ranch outside Grapeland
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YEAR: 2007


DATE: Nov 25

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Houston County

LOCATION DETAILS: NE of Grapleand toward REDTOWN on county RD ..I cant remember the number 140 was behind the Vulcraft Plant.



OBSERVED: It was Thanksgiving 2007 in Houston County Texas. Outside of Grapeland Texas, on a private ranch. My brother-in-law asked if I wanted to go with him and my father-in-law to the private ranch that he managed and check the hog traps he had set. They had been overrun with them for a while and he had caught 20 in the past weeks. I said yes, and we were off, it was mid day and still bright and clear. We were in my brother-in-laws truck he was driving, me in the middle, and my father-in-law at the passenger side. When we got to the gate of the property, my FIL got out and opened the gate and we pulled thru and waited for him to close the gate and get in. As soon as he got in, we slowly started to pull forward...Then, from our left out of the pine thicket came this HUGE thing, about 8 1/2 to 9ft tall,and very dark brown almost black hair 3 to 4 inch long. Huge chest and shoulders, long arms and no neck,it ran with incredible 3 long strides it covered from the trees across the road in front of us and into the right side tree line which is 30 ft. and then over a fence onto another mans property which is part of ELKHART CREEK and flows to the Trinity River. It made no sound. And we had our windows down.This creature was clearly seen by all 3 of us and we just sat there for awhile to gather our wits...Then I started laughing..I wasn't scared. Just shocked..I said "What do Yall think that was"? They said, You KNOW WHAT IT WAS...AINT NO BEAR! They both swore they would never mention it to anyone.. they were afraid people would think they are nuts and they would lose their jobs..I am A retired Police officer and didn't care... It has changed my life. My BIL then said "Well that explains what tore up my big Hog Trap!!

ALSO NOTICED: birds or wildlife...



TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 3:45pm Clear

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest that lead to connecting Creeks that led to Trinity River

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

Spoke with the witness at length, he is a retired police officer with 16 years on the force. He expressed how grateful he was to tell his story to someone who would believe him. He seemed to be very credible and articulate.

Witness states this occurred Thanksgiving 2007. It was after dinner. His father-in-law, (FIL) and brother-in-law (BIL), both work for the county as county road operators. BIL manages a cattle ranch outside of Grapeland. On this day they drove about 4 miles outside of the town of Grapeland and took a county road going east. The land was located behind Vulcraft Steel Foundry. It was around 3:45 pm, sun was still up. The property was on the left side of the county road. FIL got out and opened gate, then returned to truck. As he closed the truck door, directly in front of the truck a large, hairy animal came out of a clearing about 10 yards out from the truck. The creature crossed about 30 yards in front of the truck. All three of the men were looking forward and saw the creature. The truck had not yet moved and they were all looking straight ahead. Witness states the creature crossed in about 3 strides, went over a fence and into a thicket. Witness states all of this happened in about five seconds. The creature never looked in their direction. Witness describes total silence, no birds, no branches breaking, just a creepy feeling that sucked the air out of them. They all agree that they had just seen a Bigfoot.

Witness described the creature as 8 – 9 feet tall. Witness said he is 5’11 and weighs 325 lbs. and comparing the creature to his own size, he estimates this creature had to weigh 850-900 lbs. due to the massive volume. He describes the chest like a 55 gallon drum. “He looked like a refrigerator with arms.” Color was dark brown to black. Covered in hair all over. Creature was bent at the waist, leaning forward as he ran. Arms were down around his knees. Creature never looked in their direction, but they all had the sense he knew they were there, but had seen an opportunity to cross and did so.
Witness says they got out and looked for footprints, but saw nothing. FIL noted where creature came out of the thicket there was a large tree with a pine knot on it. FIL stated creatures head was at about that pine knot. FIL measured that to be about 9’ tall.

BIL has about 27 hog traps set in an area close to the sighting. One of the hog traps was recently demolished; the side was completely torn off of it. The three men went to the hog traps later that night and caught 24 pigs.

Asked to speak to the FIL and BIL, one has since deceased and the other did not want to be interviewed for fear of losing his job.

About BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

Bill - Grew up in East Texas and was raised in the outdoors by his father. Spent all free time hunting, fishing and camping. Attended the 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition and has been involved in personal investigations for 5 years.

Sheila - Avid hunter, fisherwoman, hiker and camper. Attended 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition.

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