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Report # 57760  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 24, 2017.
Nighttime sighting in a backyard in Round Rock
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YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 23

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Williamson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off of 79 & Egger Ave.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 79

OBSERVED: I know there will be many who will not believe what I am about to relate as I am still having trouble coming to terms with all of it myself.

My plan was to not post anything about what happened last night and pretend it was all just a dream - but the nightmare continues to haunt me even during the day. I canít shake the image I had seen or the sounds I had heard. And the only way for me to make sense of and deal with any of it is to write it down while itís still fresh in my memory.

Iíll just come out and say it. Last night (Friday, June 23, 2017) I saw a very large and tall ďthingĒ in our backyard, and it would seem to have been the being otherwise known as (dare I say it?) BIG FOOT!

Iím sure it sounds crazy, but itís true. And I consider myself to be one who quickly debunks extraordinary claims by others concerning UFO activity, Lock Ness Monster shenanigans, and - yes - even BIG FOOT sightings.

Our youngest son used to watch those goofy BIG FOOT shows to where my wife and I would offhandedly snicker to one another at his fervent belief in something so obviously fake.

Come on! None of that stuff is real. Itís made up by kids, people who are in desperate need of professional assistance, or those seeking attention. I wish what I experienced wasnít true, and fell into one of the aforementioned categories as my life would be less complicated.

Hereís what happened:

It all started off as a regular Friday evening. Drum students were drumming in the studio, our children were playing video games, my wife was cleaning, and I was working on writing parts for an upcoming show. Something I do best while enjoying the company of great music.

I remember loudly listening to 2112 and the A side of the album had run itís course, requiring me to get up and turn the record over in order to listen to the B side. As I approached the turntable I thought I had seen someone running down by our creek area. Which is odd because the individual would have to be very tall, much taller than what would be considered a normal sized person, for me to see from where I had been standing. I stopped the record player and curiously walked over to the french doors located on the West side of our home.

Everything appeared quiet and normal. I didnít notice anything. I thought nothing more about it (at the time) and went back to attending to my music writing. This is when things suddenly became Östrange.

While listening to the song ďTwilight ZoneĒ (by Rush) I heard an unusual howling-type noise which created a dissonant clash with what I was accustomed to hearing during that particular song. At first I thought something may have been wrong with my speakers, but the bizarre sound continued even when I had turned the music off.

It almost sounded like a ďhoot,Ē though much deeper and varied.

Our three dogs began nervously congregating by the door, and seemed extremely agitated as each paced back and forth. They even began doing their own unusual howling, something I had never witnessed any of them to do prior to (or since) yesterday evening.

I thought there must have been another dog or possibly one of the wild coyotes recently observed in our neighborhood, hanging out by the creek.

In order to ensure the safety of our dogs (I didnít want any of our pets getting rabies, or eaten!) I grabbed a broom - not the best choice for a weapon - and opened the door to investigate.

This is where things happened rapidly. Itís all pretty much a big blur at this point.

As I shut the door our littlest dog (Elphaba) squeezed through the narrow opening and bolted toward the back fence overlooking the creek area.

She looked cute running at breakneck speed. That was until I looked up and noticed this large creature in our creek area glancing in our direction by the swing - with glowing greenish-yellow eyes - as it quickly turned away and ran to the South, following the flow of our creek until it quickly disappeared.

I was stunned. Where I was expecting a little nuisance I had found a magnificently imposing creature. The likes of which I hadnít thought possible, much less probable.

It was surreal to watch such a large creature move so quickly as it bounded toward highway 79, and retreated underneath the overpass and beyond.

I only caught a brief glimpse of the thing. It was tall, hairy, had large feet, and it was extraordinarily fast for itís size.

All that remained was the memory of those few fleeting seconds, and a swing gently swayed in the wake of the awesome beingís hasty movements.

Apparently my wife had heard our dogs making their odd noises in our home and opened the door only to find me standing along the edge of our fence holding our littlest dog and staring atÖnothing.

I didnít know how to respond when she asked me what it was that I was looking at - for I wasnít sure for myself.

The last thing we both heard was that strange sounding and ear-piercing howling-hoot. We just looked at one other while our dogs responded in kind with their own versions of the odd sound.

My wife had asked what made the noise, and I didnít know what to say.

It was a rough night. I had read the claims by the folks in our Round Rock Parks & Recreation Department, and subsequent sightings. It all had seemed so silly, even childish.

And yet, overnight, my opinion had changed - in a huge way.

Itís a big deal for me to share what I experienced in our creek area last night. I have a feeling there will be unbelievers (heck, I had been one myself). Iím ok with that as I know what we heard and what I saw. And Elphaba saw it, too.

And the weirdest thing of all was how happy our dogs seemed once they were all outside. As if they were glad to be around a long lost friend. They were smelling vigorously, and wagged their tails as they looked toward where the swing was still moving.

The best thing is we feel confident weíll know if weíre ever visited again as our dogs will most likely make those same strange sounds, perhaps as an announcement letting us know of their returning friend.

And we will be ready next time, camera in hand.

Saturday, June 23, 2017.

ALSO NOTICED: See initial account.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife heard it.

OTHER STORIES: Not sure - a video.



ENVIRONMENT: Creek area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

We spoke with the witness around 6 pm about his report on 7/5. His report is very detailed and he is very articulate. There were a few things we discussed that were not detailed in his report. He told us this happened around 8 pm on the Friday evening, June 23.

He described his back yard as a 3 tiered landscape. His house looks down on the second level from his office window and door. He has a swimming pool on the second level. Beyond the second level there is a third level that runs down by a creek that runs behind his property. This creek is known as Brushy Creek. When he first saw the creature he only saw what he described as a possible head of someone or something walking down by the creek. Because of the 3 levels tiers he could only see the head and no body. He dismissed it but thought it was strange that he could see a head from this angle as any person or thing would have to be very tall for him to see even a head at that angle.

Later in the evening he heard the howling as described in his report. Due to the behavior of his dogs he decided to go outside and check it out. This is when he saw the large creature in the 3rd level which was where the creek runs behind his the property. He saw what he described as greenish-yellow eyes which really creeped him out. The creature was heading north but when the creature saw the witness and his dog he turned and headed back south down the creek. Witness states this happened very quickly and before he even had time to really take in what was happening . I ask him what he thought the creature was doing. He stated his wife has a compost pile in that area where she puts left over fruit, coffee and egg shells. Also there are a lot of dewberries in that area that are abundant during the spring and summer months. He thinks most likely the creature was eating the berries and maybe eating from the compost pile.

The witness stated he did go down around the creek the next morning looking for footprints. He states the ground was very covered with leaves so there were no distinct footprints, but the leaves were very disheveled.

They do have owls in this area, but he has also heard something that does not sound like an owl. It is more of a deep, guttural growl.

The witness seemed to be credible and honest. He said he questioned himself that maybe one of his friends was pranking him as he is nearing his 50th birthday, but when he thought about it more he just did not think a human could move as gracefully and quickly as this creature did. He estimates the creature to be about 8í tall and probably twice his weight which is 175 lbs. That would put the creatures estimated weight at about 350 Ė 400 lbs.

We met with witness on July 15, 2017 on location of sighting. Area is heavily populated with a small creek running back of property with wooded area around creek. Witness throws food scraps over fence around creek area. Sighting was in area of location of food scraps. Witness seemed believable and recalled many details of the night of sighting. Family along with neighbors have heard loud noises coming from creek area on occasion.

There were several reports in the local Round Rock media around the time of this reported sighting. Unfortunately, the reporting is really shoddy, and no article we could find did any kind of investigation. It sounds like one or more people may have reported sightings, but its difficult to discern any facts from the articles.

'Bigfoot crossing' signs go up in Round Rock

FBI to Round Rock police: Bigfoot is 'most wanted fugitive

If you do a google search on Bigfoot Round Rock, youíll find other articles.

Just west of the city of Round Rock is the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, rich with water and wildlife, including deer and feral hogs.

About BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

Bill - Grew up in East Texas and was raised in the outdoors by his father. Spent all free time hunting, fishing and camping. Attended the 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition and has been involved in personal investigations for 5 years.

Sheila - Avid hunter, fisherwoman, hiker and camper. Attended 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition.

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