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Report # 57935  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 24, 2017.
Strange encounter at night with something on all-fours outside Leona by Boggy Creek
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 2/13/18

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Leon County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was on Hwy 1119, just south of Hwy 977 intersection, middle of the country. Located 12 miles south of Centerville, Texas and 11 miles north of Midway, Texas.

NEAREST TOWN: Leona, Texas

NEAREST ROAD: on Hwy 1119 just south of Hwy 977

OBSERVED: Back in 1999, I moved to Leona, in Leon County, Texas. The house was an old victorian with a huge S-shaped porch. It had not been lived in (before me) for 17 years yet, it had been used temporarily as a hunting lodge. The house was located on the front 40 acres of a large 600 acre piece of property. This property was bordered in the front, by Hwy 1119 and in the back, by Boggy Creek (the Texas Boggy Creek.) There was no other house in sight or within a quarter of a mile.

I moved there with my two younger children, who were 6 and 8 years old. They were not accustomed to living in the country. At night, to the north of us, near where Boggy Creek crossed Hwy 1119, my children and I would hear very loud howls. They did not sound like a wolf or anything. I am an experienced hunter. The howls sounded more like eery ghosts! Just after the howling (each time), we'd hear the coyotes start their cackling. With the howls, my children would say (in the whispering fearful voices), "what's that Mom?" I told them I didn't know. At that time, I never thought of Bigfoot.

In the summer of 2000, my children left to visit with their father. I was all alone on the 600 acres, with my dog Lucy Catahoula/Husky mix) and my 5 cats.It was very quiet with the children gone. One night my dog Lucy started going crazy with barking and I suddenly heard coyotes all around my house. I believe they were after my cats. I ran out into the yard where I had a large bell attached to a pole. I began ringing the bell and yelling, "Get out of here!" I kept yelling as they began to run away. I continuing with the yelling "Get out of here" as I ran around my yard. Just beyond the light of the porch, at the edge of the darkness near my driveway gate lined with shrubs, I yelled once more. Something just in front of me, in the total darkness, growled deeply and loudly back at me! I was completely surprised and the first thing I thought was, "That's weird, coyotes don't usually growl back at people!" I wondered why this one was so brave and wasn't running off with the rest of them.

Not being a bigfoot follower at that time, it never crossed my mind to be scared. I responded to the growl with, "Oh yeah? I'm going to get my truck!" I ran into the house, grabbed my keys, and got out into my Ford Ranger. I backed it up and turned the headlights straight into the shrubs by the driveway. I saw something that looked gray in color.

It turned, jumped right over my barbed wire fence and started running humped over or on all fours, across the tall grass pasture next to my driveway. I was totally confused
on what I might be seeing. The only detail I could see was that the gray hair on it's back was thin and long, seeing skin underneath, and the hair was somewhat parted down
the middle.

I backed my truck up and headed out of the driveway to follow this thing. I drove north on Hwy 1119, paralleling it in the field. It finally veered off to the right and went further out in the field (towards Boggy Creek) where I could no longer see it. I kept pondering on what the animal could have been. Coyotes don't have long hair like that did. Now, I believe it was a sasquatch.

ALSO NOTICED: The ghostly howls were a frequent thing

OTHER WITNESSES: not to the coyote scene, but my children heard the howls prior to this incident

OTHER STORIES: no, people really didn't talk about it back then


ENVIRONMENT: Mostly open with tree-lined fences just around house, could see for miles from the yard. Next neighbor (at Hwy 977) had three large lakes and many small. Creeks, and property backed by very winding Boggy Creek. Rolling hills and patches of forests.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

A drive way runs down the length of her property and parallels a pasture which at this time had very high grass. Between the house and the driveway there are bushes and trees. This is where she first encountered the creature. There was not much light as it was night time and not a full moon. She had no flashlight. She saw coyotes scatter as she came out of the house after hearing the dog bark. She thought the coyotes might be trying to attack her cats. She chased the coyotes out by yelling at them and walking toward them. There was something in the darkness that did not leave. It just stayed and growled at her. She could not see anything in the darkness, but said coyotes donít usually stand their ground and growl. She went back into the house to get her truck keys so she could shine a light with her truck lights. She said she was surprised that it was still there when she returned and got her truck lights positioned where the creature was. She did not get a clear picture of the creature but described what she saw as on all 4 legs, with grey hair about 30 feet from her. When it jumped the fence it remained on all fours. She followed it in her truck. Because of the high grass she could not see the creature clearly. She could only see like half of the creature as it ran. She could not determine the proportion of the arms and legs. The creature looked over its shoulder at her once and she saw grey skin on its face but couldnít tell much more than that. She said she couldnít really see a neck. It was more like the head sat on its shoulders. She could really just see movement in the grass. She estimated the creature to be about 200 feet from her truck. When the creature turned and went further into the pasture it still remained on all fours. I asked her if she returned to the area the next day to see how high the grass was and look for possible footprints. She said at the time she didnít really know about Bigfoots and didnít investigate further. She said there are tales of coyote/dog hybrids in this area and thought it was probably just that.

asked what prompted her to report this at this time. She explained that since this event she has moved to another property near Huntsville and has had several encounters with what she now believes to be Bigfoot and has become more active in reading/researching Bigfoot. She says she is not sure what she saw that night, but thinks it is possible it was a Bigfoot. And she believes the howls she heard were Bigfoot.

About BFRO Investigator Bill and Sheila Tucker :

Bill - Grew up in East Texas and was raised in the outdoors by his father. Spent all free time hunting, fishing and camping. Attended the 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition and has been involved in personal investigations for 5 years.

Sheila - Avid hunter, fisherwoman, hiker and camper. Attended 2017 Kentucky BFRO expedition.

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