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Report # 57939  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.
Possible knocks heard in a neighborhood near Protivin
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YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15


COUNTY: Chickasaw County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please don't post.


OBSERVED: My wife and I walk about 3 times a week and on a morning in June we were about 1/4 mile from our house and we heard 2 loud knocks. We abruptly stopped and looked at each other and said What was that? I was raised in the area and spent many hours in woods hunting and have never heard anything like this before.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 at the time and one latter.

OTHER STORIES: I mentioned this to my nearest neighbor and she said she had heard a similar sound in the same woods.


ENVIRONMENT: About 320 Acres of thick woods. Close to small streams.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator TK Bell:

The witness and his wife go walking in the early mornings daily. One nice calm morning around 6:30 am they were walking and they heard a whack sound and then after about four seconds heard a second whack sound. He looked to his wife and said what was that and her reply was I donít know.

The terrain is woods, small creeks, farm land and deer can be seen walking down the gravel road. Located in the same area as the Cardinal Marsh

He was down at his neighbors, and asked if the neighbor had heard anything like a whack sound on a tree or wood. Neighbor said yes that it had sounded really close to the property and was really loud in about the same area as they were walking.

He has hunted with a bow for many years and never seen anything unusual or smelled anything out of the ordinary, or heard that sound before.

They have heard of several Bigfoot sightings in the Cardinal Marsh Wildlife Area.

About BFRO Investigator TK Bell:

Iowa native. Attended many BFRO public and private expeditions since 2016. Have helped at many of the expeditions and led night ops.

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