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Report # 58484  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.
Father and daughter have possible late night sighting on edge of Huron National Forest
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YEAR: 2017


MONTH: October


STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Iosco County

LOCATION DETAILS: Our sighting was on Pinecrest street in Oscoda


NEAREST ROAD: River road

OBSERVED: I was walking from the house to a detached garage with my daughter about 2:30 am when we both seen a (human like) white furry figure approx. 100 feet from where we were. Our house borders the Huron National Forest the figure was half way down a hill looking in our direction it moved very quickly in a half moon circle and crouched down near a tree. We walked toward the figure I noticed it was still near the tree bent over slightly almost like it was trying not to be noticed. We both ran back to the garage and talked about what we saw and decided we didn't know what it was mostly because of its size and the way it moved. When we got back to the garage we both said how hard our hearts were beating it was truly a scary experience. My daughters name is Madison we talked about it for a long time that night and tried to come up with an animal it could have been but could not. The next day I called my friend Jeff he has experience in this field we walked the area and seen a lot of deer activity and droppings it was thriving with wildlife.

ALSO NOTICED: When we walked to the place where we seen it the forest seemed quiet no animal sounds

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses we were walking next to each other prior to the sighting we were talking in the house.

OTHER STORIES: I am friends with a bigfoot researcher he told me of a few sightings nearby.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:30 am it was a full moon overcast clouds. Pretty light for that time.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest mostly pines, grass and sand.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Whisnant:

I met the witness at his house, his daughter couldn't meet us.

The back edge of the property meets up with a towerline, behind the towerline is the Huron National Forest. There is a fifteen foot drop from the towerline to the forest floor, and there is a small clearing where the sighting took place.

The witness and his daughter were walking from the house to a garage when something moving very quickly along the towerline caught their attention. They couldn't tell what it was, he described it as a "blur". When he looked back to the towerline he could see the head of something standing on the drop off behind the towerline looking at him. The witness and his daughter both saw the head, but couldn't recognize what animal it was and started walking toward it. When they were walking toward it, the animal turned to it's right and disappeared down the drop off. When the witnesses got close enough to see over the edge, they looked in the direction the animal was going and didn't see anything. To the right was a small tree, and next to the tree they saw a figure standing motionless with it's back to them. They both saw it standing there and ran back to the garage.

He described the animal as being eight to nine feet tall with white fur and very broad shoulders. It was very muscular with arms that went to it's knees. When they saw the head looking at them, it was too far away to make out any details.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Whisnant:

Avid outdoorsman all of his life. Attended 2015 & 2016 Michigan UP, 2017 Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri expeditions.

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