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Report # 59235  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.
Fishing family describes possible Class B activity (incl. tree pushover) 10 miles south of Canadian River
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YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 24

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Garvin County

LOCATION DETAILS: Paul's Valley lake off of E 1530 Rd at N 3250 Rd. North side of lake.

NEAREST TOWN: Paul's Valley


OBSERVED: On the evening of 3/24/18 my wife, my youngest son, and I was fishing at Paul's Valley lake. We had been there 30 mins or so fishing when I decided to rig a bass line. I had paused cause I heard some rustling in the woods across the road from us. My wife asked what was wrong I answered nothing just some noise. I know there is big cats in the area but I felt as if we was being watched not the first time at this spot to feel that way. Well this day it was odd the noise was rustling and then we went back to fishing. I went to change bait for my bass pole when it happened again. Then as we was talking another noise happened then we all watched a tree of good size push to the side then fall. She looked at me in awe, I said to them load up there is only one creature that pushes trees that big over. No bears are in this area. As they loaded I kept watching the woods for movement. They was done asking me to let in and let us leave.

ALSO NOTICED: The rustling and pausing before the tree was pushed over.

OTHER WITNESSES: There was 3 of us, my wife, my youngest son, myself. All of us fishing.

OTHER STORIES: I've heard there had been some tracks found at some point but that was years ago.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early Evening and a bit chilly

ENVIRONMENT: In the woods behind the road near the pond.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

I spoke to the witness who I will call Joe over the phone. He his wife and their son aged 11 at the time were bank fishing at a pond. They had been there for about 30 minutes and had caught a few small fish but thrown them back. They heard a rustling in the brush across the road behind them. At this point, Joe starts to feel the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He asked his wife if the hair on her neck was standing up too? She replied that they were.

He commented that his wife in Native American and her senses in nature are far superior to his. He said to her that “Something is looking at us really hard”. He noticed a smell with some skunk undertones to it. His son came over and asked him if something was wrong. He said, “No, but if I tell you to get in the truck we are leaving, just do it”.

Joe was starting to run a little low on bait, so he went up to his pick up to get some more. While he was up there and to ease his nerves a bit, he joking said toward the brush, “The first fish we catch I will give it to you.” On the short walk back to the fishing area, he heard a low grunt/growl sort of a MMMMMMM sound. His wife asked if he made that noise and he said, no. The grunt unnerved them both even more.

They decided to pack up and leave the area as they were packing they heard a large branch break. That was it. He told them to get in the truck as they were getting in the truck he looked over at the brush and saw a large (10 inch diameter estimated) tree pushed over and it fell. They got in the truck and left immediately. His wife commented as they were leaving, “I am glad you decided to leave because if you didn’t leave I was going to leave you there”.

The brush was very thick so he never saw the creature.

A quick look at past reports also suggests that the general area has had several reports over the last several years as the Canadian River runs through the area.

About BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

Bill is a business owner who has attended OK 2011, AR 2012, CO 2012, NM 2013, NC 2014, CO 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and several private expeditions.

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