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Report # 595  (Class B)
Submitted by witness B.M. on Friday, October 10, 1997.
Father and son were out scouting for deer when they spot large eyes 8 foot off the gound, also hear loud scream.
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YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 16

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Citrus County

LOCATION DETAILS: Citrus county Fl. approx. 10 miles N. of Brooksville. Also it occurred in the Citrus wildlife management area.

NEAREST TOWN: Brooksville

OBSERVED: We were out shining deer in central Florida. It was about 2:00am and we hit a pair of eyes that appeared to be approx.7 to 8 ft. up. At approx. 150 ft. The eyes were at least 1 ft. apart! I thought at first it was a big owl but as we were pulling away we heard the most unbelievable scream. It scared my dad so bad that he stalled the truck trying to get out of there! As I look back on it that probably was not the proper response but things happen. We never went back to look for any signs but I have been back to the area since then and I believe that there is enough room to support at least a breeding pair of bigfoot/skunkape whatever it may be!

ALSO NOTICED: One very loud and piercing scream.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses. Spotlighting deer and other wildlife(legally)for scouting purposes for the upcoming bow season.

ENVIRONMENT: Citrus WMA is mostly scrub/blackjack oak with pine flats interspersed. This occurred in the NW corner of the management area. There are several well hidden limestone caves in the area that I know about and I'm sure there are more. Elevation in that area runs anywhere from 50 to 100ft.

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