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Report # 59650  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, June 28, 2018.
Family and friends hear two whoops from an unknown creature outside Mikado
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YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 27

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Alcona County

LOCATION DETAILS: F-30 to Cruzen to Andrews Rd



OBSERVED: My husband, me and a couple of friends besides my nephew, son and niece was out side. We live on a dead end in the country across the street is nothing but woods.. Anyways our friends was getting ready to leave so we was walking them out while we was walking out the door we smelled this foul smell I don’t know how to explain it.. I asked everyone if they smelt it and they also did to.. Mean while we are talking about 10 mins after we came outside we heard a w-h-o-o-p sound right across the street from us like it was right there! My husband then runs in and grabs his gun we send the kids in not knowing what it was he comes back out and then he makes a whopping sound back at it.. It then proceeds to whoop back at us but the sound was down further then what the first one was..

ALSO NOTICED: Just a foul smell and a whoop sound that’s it

OTHER WITNESSES: All together including me 7


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm it was dark no moon covered by clouds

ENVIRONMENT: Woods like a forest with a swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Hansen:

I contacted the home owners and we were able to meet at their home the following weekend. Prior to the meeting, I downloaded the 1974 audio clip of whoops and knocks from the BFRO website.
The house is situated on a dead end gravel/dirt road with brush and woods on the North side and wheat fields on the South. The vegetation along the North side of the road is very thick and it is difficult to see more than 10 to 20 feet into the brush although; in some areas you can see far enough into the brush to see some small ponds. One of these small ponds is located on the property directly across from the witness's house. This property is posted “private - no trespassing”.
The whoops that the witnesses heard came from this area which is heavily wooded on the other side of the pond and approximately 75 yards from their front door.
When I played the clip to the home owners they both stated that the whoops they heard were very similar; with the only differences being one whoop instead of the two whoops heard in the audio clip and the tone was slightly different.
The next weekend I met the remaining witnesses at the location and played the audio clip for them also. Their responses to the audio were the same; one whoop and slightly different tone.
The foul odor was described by the witnesses as smelling similar to rotting garbage or rotting meat.

I found the witnesses to be very believable. The husband is skeptical as to the existence of Bigfoot and has not had any experiences that would challenge his skepticism. He is an avid hunter and is quite aware of the normal forest sounds that deer, bear, and other animals in Northern Michigan make.
He like many of us is unable to determine what animal makes a whooping sound similar to what the witnesses heard that night across the road from his house. Not knowing what they were hearing and smelling are the reasons that the home owner grabbed his gun and got the children inside the house.
The wife believes that bigfoot does exist and is an avid follower of the phenomena. She is very aware of the animals that inhabit the surrounding area(s) and will contact me if they have anymore unexplained experiences.

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