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Report # 5977  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, March 8, 2003.
A brief encounter with a light colored hair covered creature
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring



COUNTY: Pike County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Waverly take State Route 220 south and make a left onto State Route 551.


NEAREST ROAD: State Route 551

OBSERVED: I have talked to others who have heard or have seen what may be a Bigfoot. While talking to a fisherman he told me in 2000 that many people were hearing cries around the Scioto River. While along the river I have heard the same cries. It sounded like it was calling out another creature. The cries echoed up the river for about a 1/4 mile. The spring of that same year while walking around Lake White just north of a residential area I saw what I believe to be a Bigfoot. It seemed to be a younger one but just as tall. It appeared more manlike than ape-like. I could not believe my eyes so I bent down to get a better look as it moved rapidly behind a tree. As I looked it peeked from around the tree and looked at me. My mind said this is what they call a Bigfoot. As it moved so did the deer that were right behind me. I bolted and so did the deer. I think it was hunting the deer and the deer knew this. When I walked by the deer they stood still, then I saw the Bigfoot. The deer seemed confused on which direction to run away. This creature seemed to move very stealthlike like a kung fu like movement all in one motion. It seemed very smart and not afraid of me. It seems these animals travel the waterways as we do roads.

OTHER WITNESSES: As to the sounds I've heard along the river-yes, a roommate heard the sounds. It was quite frightening, unlike any sounds we have ever heard.

OTHER STORIES: Many stories of a man like creature in Pike and Adams County. My brother heard a huge stomping noise in the woods and heard a cry in the same area just off of Clines Chapel Road. A story ran in the Waverly paper about a family that had seen a man like creature cross State Route 32 early in the morning when it was foggy out.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: A typical spring morning when the leaves were just starting to come in. The weather was clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area, very hilly, with a large lake. There is many houses just south of this area.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness added-
- He was 50 yards away when he had sighting.
- He feels he came between it and the herd of deer.
- It had white/grey hair
- Moved like a martial artist, graceful, exact, and smooth.
- It was about six feet tall, 250 pounds......larger than man but not huge. Possibly an adolescent??
- He made the report because of reading Report #4964

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