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Report # 59799  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.
Retired police officer describes more Class B activity near prior Class A site west of Pembine, 12mi south of Iron Mountain, MI
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YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Marinette County

LOCATION DETAILS: [The general vicinity of the property is due south of Iron Mountain (MI-UP) and a few miles south of the MI-UP/WI border. It is close to the South Branch of the Pemebonwon River near Belgian Lakes, 2.5 miles west of the town Pembine. The Soo Line (Canadian-Pacific Railway company) runs through the area also.]



OBSERVED: I was cutting grass at my cabin near a small stream when I kept smelling a rotten odor. I stopped cutting and looked for the source but never found it. Later in the day I made a campfire and was sitting outside by the fire when a deer walked in the yard and was promptly chased by my dogs.

A short time later a whippoorwill started calling and my one dog kept barking at it.

At approximately 10 pm suddenly both dogs ran to the edge of the yard, hair up, growling and barking. They were under a yard light. Just out of the light something called twice, a loud "scree, scree."

I have never heard this sound before. This continued for about two to three minutes, every 30 seconds. While this was going on I put the dogs in the cabin where they kept barking and the calls continued for two more minutes. Then the calls stopped and the dogs kept still.

Then I kept smelling this rotten odor off and on and heard something walking out of sight in the trees. Then the sounds and smell were gone.

I know it was not a bird or deer and as I have heard one scream one night and have seen one in the daylight. I feel this was a curious Bigfoot by the cabin. I took pictures of tracks in the yard in 2016 on december 27th in the snow where one walked thru the yard. I'm thinking there possibly is a group in this area.

ALSO NOTICED: A very putrid rotten smell coming and going.


OTHER STORIES: Yes,visual sightings very nearby and others within a few miles

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 10pm.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded area around cabin open area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B Breedlove:

The witness is a retired police officer who is very credible. He has a previous Class A sighting and credible footprint photos in the past. This area has many large marshes interpersed by conifer forest and is therefore very conducive sasquatches.

Though there was not a sighting, even a shadow, several sensory observations converge to make this event compelling:

First, the dogs indicated that something was in the woods. Whatever was making the unusual "scree, scree" sounds, this sound was described in the interview as being "louder and heavier than a bird call." Submitter has lived in the area for a long time so he should be familiar with all the normal bird sounds.

Second, the witness described bipedal movement from the woods, so not a bird.

Then there was the rotten smell that eventually dissipated.

About BFRO Investigator B Breedlove:

B Breedlove is recently retired. He spent the majority of his career working as a trainer for various companies.

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