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Report # 62497  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Matt Burdusis on Saturday, February 9, 2019.
Night time sighting by two witnesses four miles south of Livermore
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 15

STATE: California

COUNTY: Alameda County

LOCATION DETAILS: I believe the location was down Arroyo Rd. The former mental hospital and TB treatment center have been torn down to create a new camp for children.



OBSERVED: In late high school (1990), a group of my friends drove out of Livermore, CA down Arroyo Road. The time of year was likely Spring or Summer as I do not recall it being cold. At the end of Arroyo at the time, or off a turn off, was a pumping station for the local reservoir. We parked in the street. The reason for this trip was a trek to the ruins of a former mental hospital. Unclear if there was a more direct road but Arroyo road was desolate and rarely used at that point. We thought it would be fun and had attempted this journey before but were never successful. I was driving one of the 2 cars. It was after dark.

The other driver and I got out of the cars and turned towards the hillside behind us. I was shining a flashlight along the hill and almost immediately notice a tall furry brown creature walking on 2 legs from left to right for about 30 to 40ft. This was approximately 40 ft away. The other driver was next to me and I asked "Are you seeing what I am..." I couldn't finish the sentence before he replied "Yes i am". I continued shining the light on the creature as it moved to the right and then started up the hillside and disappeared.

As the others were getting out of the car, the other driver and i quickly discussed that we wouldn't mention this to the others as it would only scare them. We gathered flashlights and then proceeded up the hill behind the cars.

I had been part of 3 or 4 previous trips to this location and had never been scared before like I was that night. Instead of shining the light ahead I was constantly shining it behind and around us looking for the creature.

I was and am still convinced that what I saw was a bigfoot. So was the other driver. We later shared with the group who dismissed our sighting as a bear or some other creature. It was not a bear. It was tall, dark brown and clearly walked on 2 legs. While we had about 10 or so people in our party. Only the other driver and I witnessed the creature. Neither of us had anything to drink or any other substance.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing else not mentioned above. I did look for tracks but didn't see any.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 other witness. He drove the other car. I've shared the story with family members on several occasions since.

OTHER STORIES: About 10 years later I did some research on the Internet and recall finding out that there had been other sightings around Livermore previously. I tried to find those details again as I submit this but was not successful. Will keep looking.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: After dark. I would guess around 930 or 10pm. Clear night. There are no streetlights as I recall. My flashlight was one of the powerful mag light models.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded hills. Knee high grass in between the trees. Fairly steep terrain to climb to the top of the hill. The only structures nearby were the abandoned treatment center up the hill and the old hospital. Down below the road I believe as a creek and a pumping station linked to the local Del Valle Reservoir

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