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Report # 6304  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Stacy G. on Friday, May 9, 2003.
Young lady believes that the creature is back
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring



STATE: California

COUNTY: San Bernardino County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the Mojave River bed. Because of the recent rain fall, we had water running in the river for about a month, and now there is lots of vegetation growing in the river bottom area.

NEAREST TOWN: Hesperia, Ca.

NEAREST ROAD: Choiceana Avn.

OBSERVED: Hi, my name is Stacy G., and I want this sent to Richard directly, PLEASE, he has already visited me about a sighting that I had in 1997, same place in Hesperia. Well, guess what Richard, he’s back!!!!
I went to my mom’s house today and she said that her goose was dead. So, I went out to look at it and it’s neck was broken in half, and it had visible punctures in the neck. I can’t tell if it’s from fingers or teeth. The goose was laid out perfectly flat with it’s back feet facing to the rear. There’s no way it died like that, but looked as if it was laid out like that on purpose. Then, in the middle of it’s back was a huge patch of plucked feathers about the size of a large fist, then in the middle of that was a hole about the size of a silver dollar, and there were no insides left in the bird!!! Outside on the ground were a few left over intestines, and two perfectly clean rib bones. I have never seen anything like this except the last time he was here.
Now, not only that, but we have a perfect footprint with four toes. Also, we found a spot in the weeds at the back of the property, where he laid down, and a path of smashed downed weeds, that look to be foot prints, that are about four to five feet a part!! I Need for you to call me ASAP so you can come out immediately to see this or if I can go ahead and bury the goose. I want you to see this. Please call me ASAP! My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, or xxx-xxx-xxxx which is my parents number, where this accrued. Also, I know he is going to be back, because he also tried to rip the roof off of chicken coop!!! Hope to hear from you tomorrow, Stacy G.

ALSO NOTICED: Quiet, everything went silent again, and the next morning the horses, chickens and the goat, were very nervous and jumpy.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself, my Mom and Dad, my brother, my husband, neighbors, and my sister in law and her fiancé.

OTHER STORIES: Yup! I seen him in the same area about six years ago, and previous to me seeing him, this same stuff was happening.



Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

On Sunday morning May 11, 2003, early morning, my friend Frank and I arrived at the Stacy’s parents home in Hesperia, Ca. and checked out the area, by sight and sound. As the sun came up in the east, we started our inspection of the Mojave River area where Stacy had had her first hand observation of the creature back in 1997. Which is about ¾ of a mile from her parents home. No tracks were observed of the creature, but there were plenty of fresh jackrabbit tracks, with numerous motorcycles and off road vehicle tracks.
Later that morning, we made contact with Stacy’s parents, Diane and Steve, where the goose was killed. Steve showed us to the back yard where there are three horses, with separate stalls, one large billy goat, in his own pen, and a wired chicken coop; top and sides, that has only three chickens in it. The one goose had a pen along side of the chicken coop, with no wire on top of it, and the wired sides were about five foot high. There is a small open shed, at one end where the animals were located, and this is where the animal food is kept, and it would be easy access for any animal to get at, if it were free to roam.
The one and only track that was left untouched, was located under a metal bucket lid, and was in very poor shape. There was no impression in the ground from that track. That track looked like it could be the fwd part of a foot with some possible toe marking’s, but still very difficult to call it track of any kind.
The other signs that were observed, by Stacy and her parents, were in some mashed down weeds, but had no impressions in the ground, and the weeds had already bounced back to their original form, by the time that I saw them. The chicken coop wire, on top of the coop, which had been partially pulled apart, but had been repaired by the time I observed it.
In Summery: The following week I asked our experts, at the BFRO, on what might have killed the goose at Stacy’s parents house in Hesperia, Ca., per Stacy’s description? The answer to that question was; it is a strong possibility that it was just a fox.
Made contact with Stacy’s parents about one week after our visit to the Hesperia, Ca., but no new incidents have occurred. Note: My first contact with Stacy G. was in November of 2002, on report # 5160, which was a class “A” report, and it took place at this same location during 1997.

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