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Report # 63091  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 12, 2019.
Sasquatch sighting by motorists along South Turcott Road six miles north of Tripoli
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YEAR: 2019

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Oneida County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Route 8 in Tripoli to sighting location is 6.2 miles.

From Route 8, take Ruth road North.

Take a left on South Turcott Road. Travel North 4.7 miles and the sighting was in a clearing on the right.



OBSERVED: On Sunday, July 07, 2019, my brother, sister and I took an excursion through Northern Wisconsin. We were traveling north on South Turcott Road, approximately 6.5 miles north of Tripoli, WI. Turcott is a rough, gravel road and we were traveling approximately 10-15 mph in a Chevy Suburban. My brother was driving, I was in the front passenger seat, and our sister was in the right rear passenger seat.

The day was clear and cool. Our windows were rolled up because the deer flies were very thick. As we drove through the forest, we came to a clearing to our right, on the east side of the road. The clearing had a lot of brush and fallen logs as it had been logged off. Across the clearing to our east, approximately 100-150 yards away, the forest began again.

I was looking out across the clearing when I saw a large, reddish-brown, upright figure running along the edge of the trees in the distance. It seemed to be hunched over as it ran. It was too large to be a deer, and did not have a proper height, or gait, for a bear. I only saw it for a moment before my view was obstructed by brush. I wasn’t sure what I saw so I turned to my brother and said, “I think I just saw…” At that moment, he abruptly stopped the vehicle and pointed out my window and yelled, “THERE!!!” My sister and I both looked, but it was gone.

I asked my brother what he saw and he said it was a big, hairy, reddish-brown figure with no neck, nor muzzle - thick, and too tall to be a deer. He said it was standing upright on the edge of the woods. He estimated it to be about six feet in height and he said he saw it look over its shoulder before it ran into the woods. He also said the smaller trees moved aside like it was pushing its way into the woods.

After he told me what he saw, I told him that what I saw was exactly the same color and I’d have described it exactly the same way: Big, hairy, reddish-brown, and hunched over.

ALSO NOTICED: There was a heavy insect population (mosquitoes,deer flies, horse flies) but at the time of the sighting, there seemed to be be no insects present. We also noted that we had not seen any animal tracks prior to the incident. After the incident, we began seeing insects again and discovered tracks from both bear and wolf some distance north of the sighting.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three. Two riding in vehicle, one driving.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. has an article titled, "Wisconsin's Bigfoot Hotspots"

That website states:

"The hotspot in Price County is Lugerville on the Flambeau River which is surrounded by forest and large tracts of wetlands. One witness provided what Moneymaker calls the first thermal footage of a sasquatch ever recorded. “Though its quality will not stand on its own to convince the world, this does not change its authenticity, and thus its importance,” said Moneymaker. To explore this area, try Sailor Lake Campground, which also offers 70 miles of trails, as well as outstanding fishing for northern pike and panfish."

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 5pm. Daylight. Clear. Cool to warm.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine & Birch Forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B Breedlove:

The observer was very credible. He was an ex- police officer and a current pastor of a church.

The submitter purposely asked his brother what he saw before saying a word as to not influence him. They saw the same thing. It reminded them both of an orangutan.

The witness added that the figure was moving extremely fast, with a sense of urgency, but much more graceful than a human.

It was a brief sighting, but given the clear daylight hours, two witnesses, and a description that fits no other creature, this qualifies as Class A.

About BFRO Investigator B Breedlove:

B Breedlove is recently retired. He spent the majority of his career working as a trainer for various companies.

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