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Report # 6391  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 23, 2003.
Camper sees sasquatch across Snake River
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YEAR: 1974

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Nez Perce County

LOCATION DETAILS: I can pin point the location on any map. I was on the Idaho side of the snake river. The ridge it was on was located across the river. There was a sign we used to shoot at that said leaving Washington entering Oregon. The house is still there and being used as a hunting lodge for Chucker. The ridge was just behind the sign so it was the first ridge entering Oregon on the Snake.

NEAREST TOWN: I think Boise (Hells Bar) Snake River

NEAREST ROAD: Just mountain roads,

OBSERVED: I was sitting in a lawnchair in front of the house. We had decided to take the day off and climb a mountain behind the house. We had seen an incredible amount of wildlife that day. I had just sat down and for some reason just looked up at a ridge across the river. This ridge was a focal point. It [the sasquatch] was about 17 to 20 feet from the top and in two or three strides it made it to the top. It immediately turned toward me and placed both hands on its hips. Of course, I was dumbfounded. I had seen lots of bear and this was not one. It stood there for several seconds and the freaky thing was I knew it was looking right at me. Finally, it turned around and walked down the back side of the ridge. It was at this moment I realized what it was by the was it sort of swayed when it walked.

I immediately jumped up and started screaming as I ran in the house to grab a gun with a scope. Not to shoot it but to look for it. Of course my cousins did not believe me. One of the guys did, however, and he even loaned me a book of his. It was a book about sasquatch. I read it cover to cover. One thing I'll never forget was the description someone had given in their sighting about how the creature walked. It a perfect account of what I had seen. I just did the math and realized that I have been telling the story for 29 years. It is an acount I will never forget. Not just because it scared the hell out of me, but because I knew when I saw it just how fortunate I was. I should note that I convinced my uncle to take me and my cousin across the river two days later. He would not let me attempt the climb but allowed my cousin to attempt it with a camera. I just knew there must have been prints left up there. My cousin tried but could not get much more than a hundred feet up and had to turn around. The face was just to steep. Interesting that the creature scaled it so easily.

I'm now kind of a computer geek. I was just telling the story again and it hit me. Check out the internet. Maybe you can find more reports. Who knows maybe there are still sigtings today. At least I hope I have found a legit site that takes this stuff seriously. Any way, thanks for taking an interest.

OTHER WITNESSES: NO, they where all behind the house starting the grill but, I still keep occasional contact with one of them.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was in the afternoon. The sky was perfectly clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

The location lies at the topographically rather inconvenient junction of the Idaho, Washington and Oregon borders, with China Garden Creek entering the river at the site. The observer was in Idaho, the sasquatch in Asotin County, Washington, though only yards from the Oregon border. The west shore of the Snake is exceedingly steep at that locale and devoid of roads or habitations. The Idaho side has one road and sparsely scattered buildings far apart. It is a singularly remote and inaccessible location.

The sasquatch putting its hands on its hips is an amusing, quasi-human rest pattern.

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