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Report # 64180  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, March 6, 2020.
Logger hears long roaring howls on the same property large tracks had been discovered.
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YEAR: 2020

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: February

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bonner County

NEAREST TOWN: Priest River Idaho


OBSERVED: I live in the mountains and been a logger all my life and I have never heard anything like this. For 15 minutes this screamed in a low deep voice, my dogs wouldn't go outside. Priest River Idaho

ALSO NOTICED: The night was dead quiet while this was going on.

OTHER WITNESSES: I just went to let the dogs out and heard it

OTHER STORIES: We found tracks in the snow in 2017 lots of them plus one set of butt cheeks in the snow next to a shredded deer.


ENVIRONMENT: cold clear night

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Darrell Oyler:

On 03/10/20 I spoke with the witness on the telephone and I found him to be very down to earth and credible.

The witness has been logging for over 40 years in Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. He stated he has never heard a sound like this in his lifetime. He said it was hard to describe, but it started out deep and turned into a howl. He said in the span of 15 minutes he heard approximately 10 howls that lasted 8-10 seconds each. I asked him if it could have been made by a human, and he was adamant that it was way beyond the vocal power of a human. He said the lung capacity must have been enormous. The witness estimated that the sounds were approximately .5 miles away. The witness said his dogs didn't want to go outside and the rest of the neighborhood dogs were silent.

The witness said there is a ridge that leads into the wilderness which goes all the way to Canada and it is normal for the animals to come down to the lower elevation during the winter months. He said it was common to see deer, turkeys and bear in the spring. The witness commented that he was looking at 8 deer in the pasture as we were speaking.

I asked the witness about the tracks he described seeing in 2017. He said it was around the same time of year, but corrected himself and said it was closer to 5 years ago and there was approximately 3 feet of snow on the ground. He said his wife pointed out the tracks in their pasture. He said the tracks were half again as big as his size 12 boot print. The witness said there was no drag marks between the tracks despite the deep snow. He said he tried to match the stride, but in the deep snow his feet dragged and he came about 3 feet short of the stride length. The witness said he is 6'2", 270 lbs and he could not come close to matching stride.

I asked the witness about the buttock prints and the "shredded deer". He said they followed the tracks into the timber where there appeared to have been a deer kill due to fur being scattered all over the place. He said there were coyote tracks all around and he believes the creature stole a deer kill from a pack of coyotes, sat down and then took the carcass with him.

I asked him if he observed anything unusual about the gait of the tracks and he said the prints were all in a straight line. When I mentioned walking on a tightrope, he said that is exactly what it looked like. He said there was other times in the track way where the creature appeared to have stopped and turned around.

The witness described the tracks as going across his pasture within a 100 yards of his house, going down to the creek and then up into the timber where they found the site of the deer kill. He said the tracks continued into the timber, but he didn't follow it any further.

I asked the witness if he took any photographs of the tracks. He said he didn't and that is one of his biggest regrets. He explained that he didn't have a smart phone at the time since they didn't have service at his residence only a landline. He said he couldn't find his camera and later discovered it in his tackle box. The witness said the tracks were witnessed by him, his wife and his son.

The witness agreed to contact me if there was any other activity on his property and offered to show me around if I was in the area. The witness also said he has heard of several other encounters from his fellow loggers in his 40 plus years of logging.

I found this witness to be very credible and sincere about the subject. I believe he observed the tracks of a Bigfoot and likely heard one making vocalizations.

About BFRO Investigator Darrell Oyler:

Bigfoot enthusiast, drone pilot and I am a retired Detective.

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