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Report # 659  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 8, 1997.
Military man on training exercises witnesses three, black, bipedal animals
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Clatsop County

LOCATION DETAILS: Saddle Mtn. watershed\Private timber landowned by Cavenham Lumber Company (now owned by Willamette Industries I believe)\a rock quarry near the Lewis & Clark River

OBSERVED: Three large bi-pedal hominids\covered with black or very dark brown hair from head to foot\middle creature approximately 7-8' tall...flanked by two 6-7' creatures\tallest BF stood very still...flanking BFs rocked side to side, shifting their weight from one foot to the next\all were observing our convoy descending from nearby logging road
Second witness (Sgt. Jeff Martin) witnessed same three BFs approx. 30 mins prior\observed them leave the quarry...describes graceful, fluid, glide-like stride...exagerated arm swing...*ate up quite a bit of real estate in few steps*
[obviously returned to the open after Sgt. Martin's observation]

Subsequent search (6 mos later w\ Big Foot Research Project), reveals tracks\various sizes ranging to 21" x 8"
Possible fecal sample retrieved (sent to Dr. Farenbach for analysis)

ALSO NOTICED: Day-time sighting (sunny day at approx. 3pm)\multiple BFs\open exposure (middle of quarry, rock backdrop\multiple witnesses (4 total to date)\high security (both civillian & military)\dense, remote wilderness\demolition excercises
Prior to sighting, heard *whoooop* sound\originally thought it to be one of my troops\sound eminated from beyond where troops were working\dismissed as a strange noise

OTHER WITNESSES: Demolitions training at three separate blast sites (rock quarries)\Composition four (C4) plastic explosives & Ammonium Nitrate + diesel fuel\Descending to safety staging area after setting charges to await explosion\looking south towards second (former) balst site while in convoy\observed being watched by three BFs\veiwed for approx. 25-30 seconds

ENVIRONMENT: Very dense temporate rain forest\Saddle Mtn. watershed\near the Lewis & Clark River\approx. 6.5 miles east of Seaside\punctuated with several roads and rock quarrys (to maintain the road-beds)\Heavily gated accesses\Heavy security patrols (due to previous lawsuits)\additional security details due to the nature of our mission

Follow-up investigation report:


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