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Report # 6758  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 14, 2003.
Boy has a close encounter with a small sasquatch on Moscow Mountain
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YEAR: 1963

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 10

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Latah County

LOCATION DETAILS: I only remember that it was near the top of the mountain,I believe it was on the south side.


NEAREST ROAD: Star route one.(postal service.)

OBSERVED: My incident took place during the summer of 1963.I was eight years old at the time.The incident took place on Moscow Mountain(I believe it was the south side of the mountain.)A small mountain near Troy Idaho.Moscow Idaho is not to far from Troy.(Moscow being the state university of Idaho.)From time to time I would ride with my father to his work site.He would buy ,what is/was referred to as a stumpage site .This site would be a small area that the Forest service would award to someone through a bidding process.The person to which the contract was awarded to,would then be responsible to clean the area of brush.My father really did this to obtain the old growth cedar trees,on the site.He would than reduce the trees into posts and rails and sometimes into shakes.(roofing shingles.)On one particular morning,approximately 10am to 11am my father and I were on the site.My father began to notch out a cedar that was appoximately five feet across.He had real difficulty falling this tree,because it had a lot of papery material inside of it.About half way through the falling process my father pulled the saw out of the tree and shut it off.In the meantime I kept getting a feeling that something was staring at me. I had not yet talked to my father yet about my odd feeling,because he always had me stand behind another tree,hopefully at the opposite side of the direction that the tree was supposed to fall.He was an excellent tree faller.After he shut his chainsaw off,he looked over to me and said,I feel like something is staring at me.I said I think it is an elk.He said no,I think that there is a cub bear up in this cedar snag.He gave me directions to walk around the tree and look up and watch for the cub bear.He did the same,only he walked in the opposite direction.Neither one of us saw a cub bear up in the tree.He than said to me ,you must be right,it probably is an elk.Sometimes I could find elk that thought they were hidden when I would get this feeling.My father proceeded to fall this cedar snag.It fell on a slope,which was thickly covered with brush that was almost as tall as I was.As soon as the tree quit moving,I ran up its trunk.I had gotten about half way up the trees length.At that moment ,something jumped up on the tree with me.It was about the same height as I stood.It stopped in front of me,looked me right in the face.Its face was about eight inches from mine!I let out a,as my father put it,a blood curd curdling screem.It took off on its legs similar to the way a human would run.It went toward the top part of the tree,and disappeared.I on the other hand,could not get back to my father soon enough.My father approached me and said,I think you saw a cub bear.I responded with,no dad!!I saw a big monkey!WE did not talk another word about it.I believe my father thought my mother would blow a gasket if she found out what had happened.This episode took place during a mostly clear,warm summer morning.The following Monday,I told my story to my third grade teacher.She later contacted someone at the Moscow Idaho state university,so as to find out if any circus animals had escaped or been lost in our area.She later told me that no animals had escaped or been lost from a circus.What prompted her to take these actions,was the fact that I had told her,that I thought it looked just like a chimpanzee,only bigger.I was small for my age,until I hit my teen years.,but it was about my size,only heaver built,much more muscular.Its face looked just like a chimpanzees.Its fur was clean,short,and shiny.It had a clean and neat look about it.This is my story and I swear on my fathers grave that everything that I have told you is true! My father started to take his 3006 hunting rifle with him to his job sites after that time.He usually worked alone.

ALSO NOTICED: At that time,our neighbor.Jean hi(I dont remember how his last name was spelled.)(who lived at the foot of the moutain as our family did also)Ranged beef cattle on Moscow mountain.These cattle would turn wild.One had to be careful when hiking around the moutain,because these cattle would charge people.They acted as if something had harassed and chased them.

OTHER WITNESSES: Only my father and myself.At the time my father was falling a cedar tree.Also my father is deceased.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: This incident occurred between 10am and11am.The skyline was mostly clear.Only a few clouds.The air temperature was pleasant and warm.My father and I were also in a clear area,becaused the trees were far apart from one another,because of an earlier logging operation that took place,who knows when?

ENVIRONMENT: It was forested with,mostly red firs.,and some cedar groves here and there.There were also one or two ponds close to our area.The mountain also had natural water springs throughout it.There was also a lot of brush in some areas.

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke to witness P.G. over the phone.

Witness states he was eight years old and out in the woods working with his father. While felling a hazard tree (cedar snag) they had this feeling of being watched, and his father thought there might be an animal in the tree. He wanted to inspect the tree higher up, asked him to walk around one side of tree, while he went around and meet him on the other side, no animal found up the tree and they continued to drop the snag.

After the tree was on the ground witness proceeded to climb on the downed log and walked towards the top, while his father remained at the stump. When P. was at the midpoint of the log (easier traveling up the tree than trying to wrestle his way through the thick brush undergrowth, that was hard traveling through at his small size), a shiny, smooth, dark colored being jumped onto the downed tree.

“Something the same size as me, jumped onto the tree and was within ten inches from my face,” says witness, ”It’s eyes were dark, they were brown in color with (pause) like black pupils.” He continued “It’s height was the same as me, but it clearly outweighed me”,” His fur was smooth and shiny, not dirty or shaggy, it was really muscular, not obese and it did not stay around, it ran away from me, swaggering… pushing the brush aside as it ran away.”

Witness never knew if his father had seen the small sasquatch, but afterwards he would have a rifle with him while working the contracts, which he never carried with him before incident.

Mr. G’s family lived in the area of Moscow Mountain where incident took place.
-Did you ever have any visits at the home? He replied,” No, we had a bear that would come around once in awhile and a cougar walked by the house.”
-Did you hear anything out of the ordinary, sounds that you could not explain? “No, we knew almost all the sounds that animals made, we never heard anything strange.”
-What about other stories from neighbors? “Just that another worker, who planted trees mentioned that he knew they existed.”
-Did he mention anything else about them? “No, he did not want anyone to know about them, he was afraid that someone might come in and disturb (shoot) them.”
-Did you or your father have anything happen again? “No, nothing else had happened like this again.”
“Another time I had this feeling of being watched and looked around and spotted this elk that was standing as still can be, thought he was invisible, but I had seen him through the brush.”

His family continued to live in the area of Moscow Mountain north of Troy, Idaho for another two years without experiencing anything like what had happened that summer morning in 1963.

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