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Report # 697  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 5, 2000.
Teenager observes two upright-walking animals playing while scouting for elk in the Eagle Cap Wilderness
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YEAR: 1988

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Wallowa County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 30 miles from the town of Wallowa in the Sled Springs unit. Saw the two Bigfoot about half a mile from the gate at the top of Noregard hill. The top of the clear-cut


NEAREST ROAD: Noregard Road

OBSERVED: Was walking down a little dirt road at daylight. I was elk scouting, when I come out into the edge of the clear-cut at the bottom of the hill. I just started out where I could see the top, which the road I was on led up, when I seen some movement. I watched for a second and could not believe my eyes. At first it almost looked like to bears standing up on their hind legs facing each other. They were at about 300 yards. I put my binoculars on them and I witnessed what seemed to be TWO YOUNG BIGFOOT PLAYING. I watched them jump around chasing each other and jump up and hit there hands together for about a minute, then all of a sudden they both just stopped and walked off together into the thick trees. they were about five and a half feet tall with hands down to almost there knees, with long brown hair. They looked just like pictures I seen in Walla Walla Washington sightings like two years later.

ALSO NOTICED: never heard a sound

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only witness, I was camping with my father and a friend of his

OTHER STORIES: seen a thing on TV of some sightings in a town in Washington just north of where I was and the sketches the people drew were Identical. All I seen was two young ones

TIME AND CONDITIONS: first light, normal summer day

ENVIRONMENT: at the time it was a fresh clear-cut about two miles square. I was at the bottom of the hill looking up. The were on the edge of the clear-cut that lead into thick forest

Follow-up investigation report:

E.A. was 13 years old at the time of this sighting. He and two others (his dad and a friend) were scouting elk in an area of Wallowa County that is between LaGrande and Enterprise, Oregon, in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. On the morning of this sighting, E.A. and the other two individuals got up at dawn and began scouting on foot. All three of them left camp in different directions. When E.A. reached the clear-cut that he mentions in his report, he saw the two creatures near the top and initially thought that they were bears. E.A. kept waiting for them to "drop" down to their front feet, but they never did. He watched them through binoculars at a range of approximately 300 yards. His sighting lasted about one minute.

E.A. described both creatures as 5 1/2 feet tall, slender (no bellies), with long arms and long, slender fingers. Their coats were shaggy reddish-brown. E.A. remembered that their noses appeared human-like but their chins/jaw lines definitely did not. These were the only facial details that he couldsee. E.A. was so shaken up that the immediately went back to his camp, where he waited for his dad and other adult. Later that day, all three of them went back to the area of this sighting to look for evidence. E.A. was amazed because there were numerous mole holes in the ground, which offered piles of soft soil for quality impressions, but there were no tracks found. Eric believes that the creatures were cognizant of these areas of soft dirt and consciously avoided them.

E.A. told a game warden the following year, while hunting elk in the same area. The warden apparently listened to his story buy made no formal report. This witness told me of another person he knows, who also hunts this same part of the state every year. This friend apparently saw a Bigfoot in 1995 at a distance of 100 yards. This was within 2 miles of E.A.'s earlier sighting. E.A. will urge this other person to come forward to the BFRO to submit a report. I found this witness to be truthful and credible.

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