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Report # 700  (Class A)
Submitted by Henner Fahrenbach on Friday, January 1, 1999.
Man spots Bigfoot in field
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YEAR: 1969

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: A farm near David's Hill, Forest Grove, Oregon (Washington County). Forest Grove, a small, older rural town about 20 miles WEST of Portland, abuts the dense forests of the Oregon Coast Range.

OBSERVED: Richard H., an older farmer and a singularly thoughtful, observant and articulate man, who deliberated carefully before answering questions.

Richard was driving the spraying rig along the boundary of his prune orchard and scanned his neighbor's sloping field for deer, often seen there He saw no deer, but what initially looked like a man walking through it, 100-150 yards away. However, he immediately realized that the "man" was projecting at shoulder level above the scattered brush that went over Richard's own head. It was "dirty black, like a horse", but not gleaming in the sun. It had a rounded head, no neck, arms as long as ours, lighter colored calves, a leisurely and smooth human stride, slightly tipped forward at the waist, face not visible, and it didn't make a dangerous impression. By this time Richard had stopped his tractor and climbed on the hood to see it better. The sasquatch entered a walnut grove but did not reappear as expected from the topography, so must have stopped as soon as it was hidden, Richard reasoned. When it did not reappear after a while, Richard continued with his chores of spraying.

Three or 4 days later, after he "got his nerve", he walked over into the field and measured a comparison tree with suitable branches, from which he estimated the sasquatch's height to have been "no less then 7.5' and no more than 8.5'". No footprints were found on the hard soil.

ADDITIONAL EVENTS: One of Richard's co-workers, who went to investigate something or other in a narrow valley on the property a couple of weeks earlier, had come back, saying: "Somebody with a mighty long step preceded me there and stomped holes in the ground." Richard carried a camera on his tractor thereafter. Coincident in time with this was a published report (Forest Grove Newspaper) of two college kids having been tossed into a berry patch on David's Hill by assailant unknown (this report can probably be traced).

Interview by W. Henner Fahrenbach.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a snowy year.

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