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Report # 7180  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Man sees large bi-pedal creature while talking with friends. on Saturday, October 25, 2003.
Man sees bi-pedal creature while talking with friends
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: October

DATE: 14

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Kootenai County

LOCATION DETAILS: There is one road that goes around Fernan Lake take that road wich starts at the Sherman exit last exit before leaving Coeur D'Alene east bound on I-90. So get on Fernan Lake road go around the lake stay on that road until you get all the way up to the top of the mountain and there you will come to a big turn out actually there is two smaller dirt roads that go from the turn out one goes down the mountain towards Blue crick bay the other goes up and around the ridge and of course the main road you came up that is it!

NEAREST TOWN: Coeur D' Alene ,Idaho


OBSERVED: Aaron here,
At one time I was a nonbeliever, you know the only time you would ever see bigfoot was on TV so really I thought they were all just make believe for example remember the movie, "Harry and the Henderson's" so you know what I mean. Well anyway myself and three friends went up to the top of Fernan road to the old turn out where everyone goes to ride there atv's, dirt bikes what have you but anyway it was 4 nights ago when I had seen one of your so called bigfoots and let me tell you I have never been so scared at one time in my life then on that night. So anyway I have been thinking alot lately about telling my story but wasn't sure, reason being I thought people would just think I'm crazy I myself thought even for a moment that I had went crazy but I know what I saw for it was only about 15 yards away. Well I guess you probably want to hear the rest of the story but before I go in to it I just want to say you can believe me or not believe me I really don't care I know what I saw and once having been a nonbeliever just like probably the majority of the world is I now believe! So anyway my friends and I went up to drink a few beers and just cracking the first beer we were all talking well to the left of me was Arelaina the wife of my buddy Casey, directly in front of me was Casey, to the right of me was our other buddy Darrel well anyway we were towards the center of the pull out wich is a huge circle about 50 yards or so in circumfrunce so anyway directly behind Casey about 15 yards back was a ledge but in front of the ledge was a row of boulders about 4 feet high ranging anywhere between 2 to 4 feet wide put up as a barrier so people won't drive off it wich is only about 15 feet down and about ten feet out until you hit the tree line but anyway so as we were all talking just taking the first drink of my first beer when Casey was talking about something and having looked over in his direction I must have turned just right to where the bigfoot saw me and slightly shuffeled I seen there before me about 15 yards back the outline of a big man about 9 or 10 feet tall honest to God being a Christain all my life am saying I seen one! So anyway as I turned toward Casey starteling bigfoot just enough to make him shuffel real quick having caught my eyes I mean this bigfoot was solid black and would have never noticed him if he wouldn't have shuffeled but anyway then my eyes were glued to him as maybe a whole five seconds went by in sheer terror he turned and walked off like a human being would thats what really creeped me out you know at first thinking it was a bear or something only seeing the outline of this big black thing looking like if it was a man just turned and with two huge strides walking off like a human being walkes he went down the ledge and off into the trees.

OTHER WITNESSES: Casey and Darrel my two buddies witnessed him but Arelaina Casey's wife didn't see him in time before he disappeared and anyway we were in a circle talking and had been there for about ten minutes with the truck off just to the side of us.

OTHER STORIES: when we saw him that night and after freeking out Casey and Darrel then told me that they had seen two or three in the area about 2 years ago and having nothing better to do they actually tried to hunt it and having been told by Darrels dad a long time resident an old timer that he too had seen bigfoot twice in his life I'm now beginning to believe more and more about what I have heard and actually seen.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The occurance happened at about 12:30 a.m. on a clear night no clouds just billions of stars as far as your eyes could see with a full moon and from the light of the moon shinning down on us we could see in every direction to the tree line that surrounded the turn out wich was about 50 yards in circumfrunce and well I would say that it was probably close to about 40 degrees somewhat on the chilly side.

ENVIRONMENT: it was a turn out about 50 yards in circumfrunces all of wich is gravel and a little bit of dirt the forest is pine there is a barrier of small boulders on one side the side in wich I was facing and saw bigfoot

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