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Report # 71854  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Chuck Gray on Monday, November 15, 2021.
Hunter's encounters in Daniel Boone NF southwest of Livingston
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YEAR: 2008


MONTH: October

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Rockcastle County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take exit 59 off I-75. Go south on Hwy 25 about 3 mils to Lime Plant Hollow Road. Hiking trails are just south of the road.

NEAREST TOWN: Livingston


OBSERVED: [See investigator comments below, based on phone interview with the witness.]


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late afternoon, plenty of daylight.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Charlie Raymond:

I spoke with the witness via telephone the evening of June 23rd, 2021. He is currently 47 years of age and is gainfully employed as a Firefighter and a former Sheriff Deputy. He was raised in Kentucky and has been a life-long hunter. I found him very articulate and highly credible.

Witness stated his first encounter occurred in the late afternoon on a sunny day while hiking alone in an area well known to him. As he entered a section of forest, an eerie sensation came about him which raised the hair on the back of his neck and appeared to cause the usual forest chatter to fall silent. At the time he was carrying a firearm, a hunting knife and a walking stick, yet he still felt uneasy.

While passing through the area, the witness heard a rustling sound followed by a loud grunting sound which upon looking in the direction of, he observed a tall, hairy creature, standing on a knoll beside a tree approximately 50 yards away from him. The creature was completely covered in either very dark brown or black hair. The creature seemed to be approximately 2 feet taller than the witness’s 5’6” frame. It had extremely wide shoulders and was not moving. The arms were hanging at the creature's sides and did not appear to be abnormally long.

The witness stated the creature’s upper torso seemed much broader than its narrow hips, giving a tapered appearance. At this time, the witness sensed an unwelcoming feeling and stated, “I realized I was in the wrong house and needed to leave”. He immediately turned and walked briskly back in the direction from which he had come.

A short time later as he approached his half way mark back to home, he again heard rustling and grunting sounds to the left of him. The witness looked towards the sounds and again saw the creature on a nearby hill approximately 20 to 30 yards away from him. The creature appeared to have the same physical characteristics but was perhaps a little taller due to proximity. The creature seemed to make no attempt to approach him.

The witness noticed the creature’s eyes were wide and the skin around them appeared a little lighter in color. The witness made it home and told his father about what he had seen. His father acknowledged he had indeed seen ’something’ that day.

I asked the witness if he had perhaps drawn his firearm in defense, to which he replied he had completely forgotten he was armed that day and his only objective had been to leave the area.

The witness’s second encounter occurred just a few miles away on the outskirts of Livingston, KY, during the daytime in 2010, while he was horseback riding with a friend. This was a well known trail to both parties.

As the two came towards a clearing in the forest both witness and his friend heard grunting to the right of them and saw large trees shaking in that same area. At this time, the horses became spooked and began side stepping in distress. Both the witness and his friend drew their firearms although they did not see what was continuing to shake the trees and upset the horses. The disturbance was taking place approximately 30 feet away from them and the trees being shaken were estimated to be approximately 3-4 inches in diameter within the thick brush.

The witness indicated this second possible encounter occurred only approximately 2-3 miles away from the first in 2008.
Although he has talked to certain friends and family about his encounters, he has never made an official report.

About BFRO Investigator Charlie Raymond:

Charlie Raymond is the founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization. He has been researching Bigfoots in Kentucky for over 30 years. He has a degree in Psychology and is very skilled at interviewing eyewitnesses. He has spoken with more than 300 credible witnesses in Kentucky.

He has appeared on Animal Planet, History Channel and the BBC. He speaks at libraries and Bigfoot conferences throughout Kentucky and neighboring states. His first book, “Bluegrass Bigfoot: Encounters With The Kentucky Wildman,” is available on Amazon.

Charlie is a passionate, boot-on-the-ground type of citizen scientist. He has lead numerous private and public expeditions, and has acquired a wealth of knowledge and evidence in the process.

Charlie organizes the yearly KY BFRO expedition in Kentucky. The yearly KY BFRO expeditions focus on the areas of recent sighting reports. He will lead the 2022 expedition in Fall. That trip will open for registration to non-members when it is posted on the expedition schedule page, which is linked prominently to the BFRO homepage.

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