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Report # 72265  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Mike Boisvert on Sunday, February 27, 2022.
RECENT: Wood knocks at night in UP: Big Manistique Lake, east side of Seney Refuge
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YEAR: 2022

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 22,23,24

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Mackinac County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were staying at a multi cabin resort on the south side of the lake. I would rather not mention it to protect the privacy of the owners.

NEAREST TOWN: Curtis/Germfask

NEAREST ROAD: H-42, Curtis Road

OBSERVED: We were staying on the southwest side of Big Manistique Lake in a lakeside cabin. It was February and very cold with heavy snow cover. We were there for 5 nights, and every night I would go out for a cigarette before bed. On 3 consecutive nights, shortly after I got outside I heard a distinct, very loud knock in the woods, often followed shortly after by more knocks, but farther off in the distance.
It was very dark, because I left the outdoor light off. I donít know if it was a Bigfoot, trees cracking in the cold, or Bigfoot hunters knocking to each other, but I certainly know what I heard. I am not necessarily a skeptic, but I wouldnít call myself a believer either. Iím open to the idea of it.



OTHER STORIES: Iíve heard stories in the bars while up snowmobiling, always chalked it up to campfire talk or locals trying to sell souvenirs. I always figured if someone had an actual encounter they would probably keep it to themselves.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 10:00 pm, single digit cold, very still, heavy snow cover, mostly clear, very dark with crescent moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Large lake to the north, pine and bitch forest to the south. Not far from Seney National Wildlife Refuge.

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