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Report # 7393  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, November 16, 2003.
Teenage boys have sighting at night near Lake Myers
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YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Davie County

LOCATION DETAILS: 64 toward lake myers campground,

NEAREST TOWN: mocksville nc


OBSERVED: dear sirs,
26 years ago myself, a cousin and a friend were getting ready to camp out here in a little town called mocksville nc, about 25 miles from winston salem nc.we were all teenagers enjoying the summer, after we pitched our tent, which was in a field about 200 yards from my friends house, the woods were about 100 yards away from us. As we were starting a fire, we heard something running in the woods, it was heading toward the edge of the woods at an incredible pace, when it was almost through the woods we took off running toward [friend's] house, we were running down a old motorcycle path, it was running through the knee high weeds, it still almost caught up to us, as we looked back it was standing in the fire throwing the logs out, it was at least 8 foot tall, very hairy, we ran to [friend's] house and told our story to his mom, now [friend's] mom had lived on a farm her whole life and wasnt easily scared, she laughed at us, and went outside to get some clothes off the line, a few minutes later she came running in scared to death, she said she had seen something unlike anything she had ever saw, it was huge she said, looked like a monkey of some kind but big, at least 8 foot tall, all that night we could hear it circle the house, it even came onto the porch a couple of times , we were all terrified, to scared to look out, and no phone to call for help, eventually daylight came and it was gone. after we got up we looked at the edge of the woods where it had came out, the branches were broke off up to about 8 feet, after that i read every book on bigfoot. and it made sense, the strong smell of urine, which we smelled before it came out of the woods, and the figure we saw, ive never told this before except to family but it is true and i have no doubt it was bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: just the caves back in the woods we used to explore

OTHER WITNESSES: two other witnesses, my cousin, and our friend

OTHER STORIES: no, but two years ago several people had their dogs killed, one person had two 125 pound rockweillers in a pen, something got in with them one night and killed both dogs without a noise, their throats were ripped out, this happened to several dogs, experts were called in, no tracks were ever found, i believe it has came back

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 9 at night,full moon

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest, woods, back in the woods there used to be caves, and streams

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was fifteen at the time of the sighting. His cousin and friend were both sixteen. The friendís mother was home with her two daughters. He did not live in this area at the time, but he visited frequently to see relatives.

The witness was camping with his friend and cousin behind his friendís house. The woods behind the house were extensive at the time, extending back several miles. The witness said he had often explored those woods as a child. There were deep creeks and some caves on the property. Wildlife was abundant in the area. The edge of the woods was a few hundred yards from the house across an overgrown field. A motorcycle path cut through the growth to the campsite.

After pitching a tent and starting a campfire in the field, the campers were about to cook their meal of hot dogs and hamburgers. They had not yet started grilling when the witness smelled a strong urine smell and heard a large animal quickly approaching through the brush. He could hear it running through the woods.

Frightened, the boys abandoned their camp and ran towards the house along the motorcycle path before they could see the animal. After the boys had run about 50 yards, the creature appeared in the field and pursued the campers. The witness said it was fast and covered the ground between them quickly, despite the boys being athletic and the animal running through the overgrown field.

Once inside the house, the boys told the mother what had happened. The friendís mother laughed at them, but they insisted that they had seen a tall hairy animal. The three boys then ventured back outside to see if they could check on the status of their campsite-the campfire could not be left alone-and possibly view the animal again. The animal could not be seen and the boys returned to the site. They briefly inspected the area and had just decided to break down the camp. At that time, the animal quickly approached the camp again. The boys retreated back towards the house. The animal then came into the camp. The witness paused about thirty yards from the creature. He said he could see it standing over the fire, reaching down and throwing two or three logs out.

Back inside the house, the boys again told the mother what they had seen. She dismissed their story and went outside to tend to laundry on a clothesline. After catching a glimpse, she came back inside ďscared to death.Ē Two family dogs came in with her and stayed with the family members. The creature then proceeded to circle the house several times, occasionally stepping onto the porch. The wood porch could be heard creaking loudly from the weight of the animal. The witnesses were too frightened to look outside and huddled together in a corner. The witness was worried the animal could break into the house at any time. The animal eventually left approximately an hour and a half after it was first seen. The group spent the night in the house talking about it.

The next day, the boys went out and looked for tracks. The ground was too dry to show any evidence of tracks. However, the witness did report seeing branches broken high up. He could discern the path the creature took as the animal approached them.

The witness was able to view the creature for 30 seconds to a minute while it was throwing logs out of the fire, which provided enough visibility to see some details. The witness described the creature as being 7-1/2 to 8 feet tall with a large build and long arms. It was covered with long hair, but the face was hairless. The hair was described as black, but it could have been lighter. The face appeared to be neither human or gorilla. The head was pointed. It easily weighed 400 lb. The witness assumed the animal to be male from the build, but no genitalia was visible to him. The witness does not remember any vocalizations.

The witness is confident this animal was neither a bear or a person in a costume. There is no resident black bear population in Davie County or the surrounding counties. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has no verified observations of any black bears in the county from 1971 through 2001.

The witness has lost contact with his childhood friend. Many years have passed since he has seen his cousin. The witness will contact his cousin and ask if he is willing to speak with the BFRO.

I asked the witness about any other stories in the area. About three years ago, domestic animals and pets in the area started disappearing and being killed. State wildlife authorities investigated but did not reach any conclusions regarding what was responsible. The witness remembers in particular, two large rottweilers being killed inside their dog pen. Dogs were found with their throats torn open or necks broken. Local authorities warned citizens not to venture outside after dark. The incidents stopped after a three week period. The witness had seen a media report listed on the BFRO website regarding pet deaths and sasquatch sightings in Tennessee that sounded very similar to the local occurrences.

I found the witness to be very credible. Readers may note that the originally submitted report is somewhat abbreviated and merges some of the details that were later elicited in the interview. Given the number of years that have passed, I do not find this to be problematic.

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