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Report # 75382  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Ian Carpenter on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.
Fishern reports knocks and trees pushed over on lake 30 miles NW of Lewiston
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YEAR: 2022

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Maine

COUNTY: Oxford County

LOCATION DETAILS: All incidents occurred while fishing Overset Pond in Greenwood Maine)

[Investigator (MM) Notes: GPS coordinates for north end of this pond: 44.328523, -70.682379


NEAREST ROAD: Patch Mountain RD

OBSERVED: During the Spring/Summer of 2022 I discovered a new favorite remote trout pond not far from my camp. This pond is roughly a 1-mile hike to access. Hiking trails are present however in the roughly 20+ times I visited this pond I saw a total of 5 other people. Two pairs of hikers, and one other lone fisherman.

This pond is notorious for wind so I would only visit it on calm days. The more I visited the pond the more I noticed odd occurrences. I personally had never heard a tree fall in the woods until I started going here.

Just during my visits to this pond, I heard five tree falls. Although it should be noted that I saw none of them. In addition to this I heard an innumerable number of tree knocks during my visits.

My visits here started in April and ended in August. The activity grew greater as the summer progressed. I noted how odd the coincidence of the tree falls was but thought nothing of it until one of my final visits. The peak of the activity was during this visit in mid-August where I heard two tree falls. This peaked my attention off fishing and on to what was going on around me.

I noticed on this trip that every time I paddled to the north end of the pond, I was met with tree knocks. This continued until I noticed the mid-section of a birch tree leaned up against another tree on the water's edge. I had paddled up and down that pond at least 100 time over the course of the spring/summer and I had only now noticed the birch tree. I felt as though it had to have been placed there while I was on the south side of the pond.

As I was examining the tree from my canoe, I again heard tree knocks again. I then paddled back to the south end and fished there until light began to fade and got ready to hike out. Near the pond large rocks block the trail to ensure no ATV cannot drive directly to the pond. On these rocks sat a perfectly intact birch tree skin. I am not convinced a person couldn't have done these things. However, given the proximity of my experiences to another sighting on this website I felt I should report them. I never had any weird occurrences while hiking in, out, or around the pond. Only when I was on the pond fishing.

ALSO NOTICED: I had an odd bear encounter. The bear was small and just stood on all fours in the middle of the trail. this was odd because not only are bears kinda rare in this area I was making noise to specifically keep any bears away. Just weird behavior from the bear.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me. I have a photo of the bitch tree skin

OTHER STORIES: Yes I read about a sighting on this website that occured in 2020 very close to here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Daytime, afternoon, clear sky, low wind.

ENVIRONMENT: thick forests to west, small Swampy areas on both the north and south area of the pond that turn rapidly to think forest. east edge blocked with a giant 500 foot cliff face and bolder field.

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