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Report # 7597  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, December 20, 2003.
Equipment operator finds tracks in three feet of snow near Molson
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 20

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Okanogan County

LOCATION DETAILS: nine mile road loops back into itself. find it on a look at the n.e. of the loop. there is two peaks.r28e t40n


NEAREST ROAD: nine mile

OBSERVED: I rode to work one morning with my boss while logging just off the canadian washington border. We were parked at a landing waiting for it to get light enough to start. My boss stepped out of the pickup and said bigfoot? I said what? I went to his side of the truck to see what he was looking at.There was tracks about 15-16 inchs long. I put my feet in them and fell about 2 feet short of the next one, maybe 5 or 6 feet apart. The tracks continued like that as far as I could see. We were leaving at dark everyday, and arriving before light, and it was snowing just about everyday or night.These tracks were fresh. My boss seen bigfoot while he was logging on the olyimpic peninsula and was convinced they were sasquatch.I wasn't sure just yet. Later while working I got a chill up my spine and the hair on the back of my head stood up like it does on a dog or cat when they sense something. I began flipping my head side to side trying to see something but couldn't see anything but it sure felt like I was being watched. Every now and then I would wind an animal up wind. Could have been a wolf, I spotted one in the area. I did hear what sounded like someone banging a stick on a tree. I followed the sound expecting to find a wood pecker, but seen nothing. We were seeing around 15-20 deer a day before that, and hadn't seen any after that day. A truck driver coming up for a load told us you should have seen all the deer leaving the hill. There must have been 30 maybe 40 down by the road. I thought it could have been that wolf pushing them down, or they just had enough snow. There was 3 feet on the ground in places and temp. was 15 below 0. I asked a friend who logged in Idaho for years if he ever had the hair on the back of head stand up while in the woods. He said only once. He was running a saw and bigfoot walked up behind him. I believe bigfoot was watching us.

ALSO NOTICED: record snow fall that year.a lot of deer didn't make it.

OTHER WITNESSES: My boss and I were the only ones to see. We were more concerned with work.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Everything took place through out the day. Very cold. Typical winter day.

ENVIRONMENT: mountainouse. fir, pine, tamerack, cattle land, rocky ground, secluded

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness has been logging for over twenty years, and this was the first time that he had seen tracks this clear in the woods. He followed them for over ten minutes, down the road and into the logged area. He did get the feeling of hairs standing up on the back of his neck. "I don't know it could have been watching me. It could have circled around me?" His boss had yelled out to him to come back, they had a job to do and no time to follow any tracks.

Witness to this day is still logging and is always on the look out for any evidence.

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