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Report # 77219  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Alan and Jackie Moreau on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.
Daylight road crossing sighting of a bigfoot by two witnesses 2 miles south of Plano near Fox River
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YEAR: 2024

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 30

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Kendall County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were driving south/west. It crossed from the Fox River side of Millhurst near Burr Oak Road


NEAREST ROAD: Milhurst rd

OBSERVED: Driving south on Milhurst Road near Fox River and Silver Springs Forest Preserve a large humanoid crossed in front of my truck. It was over seven feet tall and cleared the road in three steps moving fast

ALSO NOTICED: There were tall weeds in culvert on either side of road and when we looked at the place it crossed no weeds were disturbed

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife was driving

OTHER STORIES: We saw a report on your website from 2012


ENVIRONMENT: Thick woods and few homes in the area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chris Callahan:

I spoke with the witness, and the following may be added to the report:

It was a clear and sunny day. Their height estimate was based on the vehicle's height (truck). The subject was taller than the truck.

A thick coat of dark hair was observed.

The road was a two lane highway with deep weedy culverts on both sides.

Shoulder width of the subject was 3 feet.

The husband is an avid outdoorsman who has never seen anything like this before.


Notes by Investigator Matt Moneymaker

I spoke with both witnesses also. They are definitely credible and they are both adamant about what they saw. It was a bigfoot standing at least 7 feet tall. They are confident locals who don't mind revealing their names -- Alan and Jackie Moreau.

They remarked how this creature took such long leaps with each stride that there was no grass pushed down next to the road at the point where it crossed, as if it had leaped out from the treeline, crossed the two lane road in 3 steps or so, and then leaped across the grass on the other side of the road back into the woods without pushing down grass next to road on that side either.

They live only a few miles from this location and they see deer almost every day. There is a lot of wildlife around there.

Only 20 miles to the south, with only farm lands in between, there were dozens of sightings of a bigfoot(s) in La Salle County near the Illinois River between the 1960's and 2015. Many of those incidents happened near Dupont Road outside Seneca, which gave rise to the term "The Dupont Monster".

About BFRO Investigator Chris Callahan:

Chris is a professional Fire Captain and EMT. He holds a BA in History/Anthropology, an MA in Historical Archaeology, and has attended numerous public and private expeditions.

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