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Report # 8064  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, February 22, 2004.
Ulster County, 1985 Winter Hike Leads to Encounter with Large Bipedal Creature
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YEAR: 1985

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 21

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Ulster County

LOCATION DETAILS: Right beyond the entrance of "Ica Cave Mountain" in the little hamlet of Cragsmoor. The nearest town is Ellenville in the county of Ulster. "Shawangunk Mountains".

NEAREST TOWN: Ellenville


OBSERVED: It was in the afternoon on a snowy winter day.1985. My friend and I decided to go for a winter drive(which was very common for me when it snows).We ended up at the entrance to "Ice Cave Mountain". Of course the attraction was closed. But we wanted to go for a winter walk and thought it would be pretty secenery in the untouched snow covered grounds.
We stepped over the gate and began to walk the driveway towards the woods. We were talking with eachother in normal voice tones. The snow was about shin deep so as we walked, we were looking towards the ground to step through the snow as we go.
As we approached the woods, we both looked toward the woods to see the snow covered trees and scenery, when all of a sudden, it took us by surprise as much as we took him by surprise.
It stopped in its tracks to look at us. It was if it froze in place. (You see, these grounds are not occupied at all during the winter, so it was totally unusual for us to be there)It looked at us as we were frozen in our tracks staring back at it. It was about 150 feet from us. It was very large with brown fur/hair all over it's body. It was absolutely human looking. It was walking upright just like humans walk. When it looked at us, it didn't react in any deffensive way. It just waited a moment or two as if it was waiting to see what we were gonna do.
When I was finally able to speek, I asked my friend if she sees what I see. And with that movenment, it seemed to have been frightened by us and started to walk away very fast,but it didn't run. It just had a very long stride. It looked back at us again while it was leaving.
Now mind you, we were the only people in the area. But we were curious and stupid.We decided to follow it. But then again we were very scared. We attempted to try and find footprints but were unable to. Maybe because we were too scared to look properly.
I know what I saw. I'm a 42 yr old mother of two and am not looking for anything from this.I just want to finally tell what I saw. And I know what I saw.I saw Bigfoot!

ALSO NOTICED: The only thing unusual about the place was us. This area is dormant for the winter. Nobody ever goes there in the winter.Except Bigfoot.That is why it walked right in front of us. It wasn't expecting anyone there in the winter.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend was with me, We were sharing a house at the time so we headed there together just to go for a winter drive.

OTHER STORIES: No, I haven't heard of any other iccidents in this area, that is why I haven't posted my experience for all this time. I just saw a program on TV about bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma and thought now it's known to be elsewhere except the pacific northwest

TIME AND CONDITIONS: During the afternoon, snow on the ground with light snow falling.

ENVIRONMENT: It was and probably still is a wooded area with driveways heading up the mountain top. Everything was covered in snow.The entrance to this place was at the top of the mountain with driveways leading up to the mountain peak.

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