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Report # 8121  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, February 28, 2004.
Hunting & fishing guide has afternoon encounter in deep woods near Lugerville
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: September

DATE: 15

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Price County

LOCATION DETAILS: 1 mile north of Lugerville grade road and 1/2 mile east of rock creek road, deep woods.

NEAREST TOWN: Lugerville

NEAREST ROAD: Rock creek

OBSERVED: This is totaly unbelievable, it has happened again. I can not even believe this myself, one sighting in a lifetime is hard enough but when this thing shows itself to me again, I'm starting to think maybe it is hanging around in the same type of woodland areas that I do. I am a Pro. woodsman and most of my outdoor treks take me away from all other human interferance, another words I go where other people do not want to go or will not attempt to go. The reason for this is that in my area the public are getting more and more populated in the areas that I choose to hunt or just get away, so I travel in deeper woods and swamplands away from there interferance. Well as I said I have seen this thing again, and this time it was about 3 miles from where I had spotted it the first time during hunting season. This sighting was as though it was curious or that it was following me, staying in the shadows moving only when I moved. Although this time at first it took me by complete suprise, I remained calm and also let myself observe this thing's every noticed action, trying not to let it have any knowledge that I was watching it as well. I would move taking a slow pace for about 50 yards at a time, turn to my side and kneel down acting like I was picking at the ground. It would stop and watch me from the shadows, as I move another 50 yards and watched it, it would wait till I would get about another 50 yards then it would stop and simulate what I was doing, it would crouch down and paw at the ground where I was kneeling. It would continue to sniff at the air and try to catch scent of me. After about a hour of this cat and mouse it dissapeared. I got a real uneasy feeling when I notice it about 75 yards to my right it was flanking me. This action made me very nervous, I have seen this with coyotes tracking a wounded deer. The thought ran in my mind that it was hunting me, but this feeling passed as I kept moving on. Again it would only move when I would move, perhaps it knew that its movments would be hidden by my coinciding movements, or it was trying to get in a direction of catching my scent. I kept moving in a southeast direction, stopping every 50 yards acting like I was digging and rutting around on the ground, keeping my head down and turning looking up with my eyes and not moving my head up. I thought it was gone but noticed it behind a uprooted tree root system peeking through a hole in the roots. It was closer now and was not aware that I new its location, at only about 30 yards I could make out its eyes and the right half of its face. The eyes seemed to be the color of a whitetail deer, no whites only dark. I moved on and after about another half an hour I was getting close to a area that loggers had clear cut, and it was gone. I sat in the area for at least another hour but it did not appear to me again. While I was watching this thing I got a chance to observe it and notice a lot of its features and charicteristics. Its height is only about 6 to 6 1/2 foot, it stays in the shadows, has dark brown hair with blackish streaks almost like what you could call brindle. Walks with a hunched over ape like character. I did not notice any smell. And it made no sound. I am convinced that this is a creature that with some time I can get close enough to again. No one can tell me that this freek of nature does not exist. It has showed itself to me twice.

ALSO NOTICED: no tracks,no smell,no sound, it was inteligent and very curious about me and what I was doing.


OTHER STORIES: only my own a year or so ago, 3 miles away on mt pellee road, swamp area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: noon till 4 pm

ENVIRONMENT: ceder swampland

Follow-up investigation report:

I spent a day this spring (2004) with the witness, hiking through the woods where the sighting took place and surrounding areas, which have generally been logged, although there were a lot of low-lying pristine woods (too wet for logging and where this sighting occurred) and also vast swamp lands. All of it holds a lot of game (white tailed deer, bear, snowshoe hare, grouse, etc.) and of course the logged land is at various stages of re-growth and helps provide sustenance to wildlife.

The witness is a professional hunting and fishing guide and is a very nice fellow. He lives close to the wild land and derives his livelihood from the wild creatures there in north central Wisconsin, where he grew up and has always hunted and fished. This is the second sighting he has had. The other was about two years earlier Report #5507 and about two miles from the “following” incident he reports here.

This picture is of the first sighting location; it shows the fire lane where the witness reported seeing the animal fidgeting (my word) and the body of water it jumped across in a single bound. When I asked about it, he told me that before the 2002 sighting he never saw or heard anything unusual around there, that he was shocked to discover such a creature.

In telling about this more recent sighting, the witness described a sort of cat and mouse game he played with the creature he came to realize was there, and following him: At first he was alarmed to realize a big animal was near, and that it almost seemed to be stalking him, way out there in the woods and vulnerable to attack… but it didn’t attack, and he realized the thing was what he’d seen a couple of years before – a creature that had run off upon seeing him – and that it wasn’t going to come after him, that the animal was apparently harmless… curious about him.

So he relaxed, and then he became curious, and began carefully observing the creature himself. He adopted a non-threatening manner: Instead of looking directly at the animal, he watched it out of the corners of his eyes. It seemed to try to avoid being seen by him; it peeked around the shadow side of tree trunks to watch him. He behaved casually, as though he was about some benign business; strolling, foraging – not out for blood. (This was actually true. The witness was unarmed and out for one of his nosing around hikes – scouting the deer situation, just being in and observing the activities of “his” woods.) And the creature seemed to fall for it; the witness saw it go to the places where he dwelled and display mock interest in plants near the ground; it appeared to inspect those places for what had interested the witness. I’m not sure who was the cat and who the mouse in this game!

And at one point, from behind the up-turned root system of a large tree just 30 or so yards away, it peered through at him and he got a pretty good look at its face: he said it had a broad, fairly flat nose, but not upturned; the eyes were deep set, and he could see some skin on the face, which he described as battleship- or gun metal-gray. But because the woods there are so thick (see above photo) and the creature was careful about being seen, he saw only parts of it, never the entire animal at once. But he could see that it was large, covered with hair, and that it walked upright on two legs.

The witness gave me a “play-by-play” tour of the route he hiked as the creature he described followed along, showing each place where it stood, behind which trees and so forth. He really knew those woods – every tree, it seemed.

We found a recently-vacated bear den with a good-sized bear track on the heap of dirt at the den’s entrance, saw beautiful cedar trees, lots of ruffed grouse and deer sign, and I saw a lot of country where a sasquatch could make a living. We also found an odd man-like track on the soft edge of a very low-use gravel road through the area.

It was quite an interesting track (see photos above): It appeared to be a couple of weeks old and it was clearly made during very wet conditions, as if it were raining or had just been raining (note that my nearby boot print barely marks the surface despite significant rain the day before). The track was longer than my size 12 booted foot; it appeared not to have been made by a booted foot: although individual toe impressions could not be discerned, all edges were soft, and there were no indications of a boot heel. It was a single, deeply-impressed track that gave the impression of having been made in a leaping step, probably at a run, as if its maker angled off from the hard-packed driving surface onto the soft shoulder and launched itself off into the ditch and then into the bush, which lined the road on both sides. We could find no other such tracks up or down the road or the ditches, which did have some good places for taking tracks.

Aside from its non-human look (seemingly shoeless and very large), the track was striking for how it appeared to have been made: with a lot of downward force, especially of the type created by running, and in its being isolated, suggesting that what made it went off the road there, into the cover. It seems an unlikely thing for a person to do. The witness, a man who knows tracking, was also perplexed and intrigued by the track.

It was evident to me that the witness is a skilled outdoorsman, and he convinced me that in the last couple of years he has twice seen an animal that fits the description of a sasquatch. The behavior of the thing – following him, showing apparent curiosity over his activities, and taking precautions against being seen – provides some insight into such an animal’s mind.

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