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Report # 815  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, July 6, 1999.
Witness observes strange "monkey-like" animal from bedroom window.
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YEAR: 1987

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: Summer of 1987 - Evening (11:00pm ish)

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Sanilac County



OBSERVED: The thing I saw did not look like the typical "big foot" creatures shown on films and photos. The thing I saw was a monkey type creature. It was hunched over. It's face appeared hairless, while the rest of the body was covered in longish light colored hair (whitish) with a darker tone on it's back. It stood hunched over approximately 5 feet tall. If it were to
stand up perhaps another foot or two could be added to it's height. It had narrow shoulders like a human. It's arms were longer than humans. While hunched over, it's hands could almost reach the ground. The legs had haunches similar to a dog. I do not recall the way the feet looked or whether it had a tail or not. It's face looked like a monkeys, with wide eyes, two
nostrils were visible, nose flat, it's mouth was like a slice - going straight across it's face. When it stepped out of the night and into our yard, our light post was bright and it squinted. When it squinted at the light, it's eyes and forehead became clear. The wrinkled expression of squinting it's eyes, creating folds and / or wrinkles that went all the way up it's forehead before the hair. That's when it became obvious that it's forehead was slanted back like a monkey and not like a human. The forehead
had quite a slant and took up almost 1/2 of it's face, it seemed. As it walked, it walked primarily on it's back two legs, using also it's front right hand, which caused a sort of rolling gait to it's stride. It held it's left hand higher above the ground, as if it might be injured. (Perhaps from the sound of it's encounter with the dogs to the east of our house.) It no longer seemed in a hurry. It turned from the light and walked slowly down the driveway. I yelled to my dad who was downstairs, do you want to know what the dogs have been barking at? I ran downstairs finishing my sentence, telling him that it was walking in our yard. My father ran outside with a gun to shoot it, and could not locate it in the dark. I don't think the moon was out that night. My dad did have a flashlight though and our front yard is full of trees. As my dad was looking all over the ground, thinking it was small, I became scared and believed that the creature could have easily climbed a tree, for hiding. The leaves on all the trees would have given it a good cover.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing else unusual to report.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was trying to sleep. It was a hot night in August or so, and the dogs kept barking. Our dog inside the house (a black labrador) was barking and the family told him to be quiet. He quietly continued to bark. Meanwhile the neighbors dogs were barking first to the west of our home and then at our home and then to the east of our home. The neighbors homes are located approximately 1/4 mile from our house both east and west. It was obvious that whatever the dogs were barking at, was moving from west to east in the dark behind all of our homes. This area is farmland fields. The dogs to the west quieted, then our dog started barking loudly again, then the dogs to the east began barking. It even sounded as if they were growling and fighting with whatever it was. It was a still night, and the sound was traveling. When the neighbors dogs to the east quieted down, I thought I would be able to sleep. However, a few minutes later I heard a loud
rustling in the bushes outside my family's home. My window was large and open on the second story of their home. I looked out my window to see what it was. That's when I saw it emerge from the thick trees and bushes, cracking branches as it stepped out of the shrubbery and into our front yard.

ENVIRONMENT: Rural area. Near the home. Dirt roads, farm land community. The creature was walking through the fence row and into the yard. Corn fields would have provided shelter. We believe that it climbed a tree when the family went to investigate.

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