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Report # 835  (Class B)
Submitted by witness J. B. on Thursday, November 30, 2000.
Hunter sees prints near Round Mountain
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: September

STATE: California

COUNTY: Shasta County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 299 East Round Mountain, CA. South side of 299 Roseburg Land, 8 miles off main highway, up dirt road.

NEAREST TOWN: Round Mountain, CA


OBSERVED: I live in Redding Calif. My incident occurred while I was hunting in Round Mountain Calif., about 25 miles from Redding. I was rifle hunting for deer in zone C1 on Roseburg land and had been up in that area for about three months scouting archery and at this time rifle. My friends and I had camped up in this area off and on all this time, but on this day I had went to the mountain myself since my friends were done hunting for the year due to not seeing any bucks. I however thought I would give it one more try. It was late Sept 2000 early morning around 7.00 am and I was driving up a dirt road that I had been up and down many times before when I noticed a very old skid road covered in bush. I knew that there was a large draw behind the bush because I could see just the top of it, so I parked my truck and started to walk up the skid road. There was a small creek on my left as the bush started to clear and I could see up the draw so I stopped to hunt for a while. At this time I was about 150 yds up the old road standing by the creek. I looked down to the dirt on the creeks side and saw what looked a lot like a persons footprint but immediately knew better this track was easy 17"long and 6" wide.

ALSO NOTICED: After seeing the first prints, I saw a small dirt mound with prints. I seemed to me that it tried to get out of the area fast, like it saw me.

OTHER STORIES: In this area there are many sightings that have been reported. However I was very reluctant to tell this to anyone because of disbelief only after thinking though this very hard have I wanted to know what I saw. I told two friends the size of the prints and when I got on your web page and read about similar prints.

ENVIRONMENT: Mid-wooded area, small creek past the cabin that is on the right hand side of the dirt road. Large draw on the same side.

Follow-up investigation report:

“Not long after I sent you my report on the prints, my hunting partner was up in the same area hunting, we estimate 1/4 of a mile from my sighting area and aprox. 4 days after. He called me and told me he was walking down an over-grown skid road and run across the very same size prints that I had saw ( 17 inches long and 5 to 6 inches across). These prints clearly showed five toes where I could only make out 4 in the muddy area where I ran across my tracks. We both believe this to be the same tracks. Now about two weeks after his sighting of the tracks we went to the same area and had set up camp. We went hunting that afternoon and arrived back at camp early 9:00. It was dark when we heard this scream coming from the hill right above us. We heard this scream off and on for about a half hour then nothing. We had never heard anything like it. We sat there for a little while longer and then went to bed. We were in bed no more then a hour when all of a sudden we heard this banging outside (we where both in the back of or campers). I opened the back of my camper and so did my partner and shined our lights on each other. We realized that something had picked up our atv trailer and was beating up and down on the ground. We couldn’t see because the trailer was behind both our trucks aprox. 20 yards. All of a sudden it stopped and we heard something going up the hill. The next morning we got up and looked at the trailer and it had been moved, but we couldn’t see any tracks because the ground was covered in grass (our camp spot was 20 yards form a small stream). There was no food even near the trailer so we don’t believe it to be a bear”.

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