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Report # 8376  (Class A)
Submitted on Thursday, March 25, 2004.
Hog hunter encounters unknown animal near Sabine River.
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YEAR: 1992 or 93

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Wood County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the Sabine River.



OBSERVED: I was hunting hogs and felt I was being watched all day. I turned around to go back to the truck. It was sitting beside a tree. It stood up and I looked at it through a scope. It walked away like I was not even there. [It was] big, very big. The hair on it was dark brown, close to a chestnut horse. The hair was long and matted. The face had no hair on it. It looked almost soft. It eyes were big and brown, very soft and thoughtful like it was working things out. I wished I could draw to show what I mean.

ALSO NOTICED: [I] felt I was being watched all day.

OTHER WITNESSES: [No other witnesses.]

OTHER STORIES: One man at Douglas Feed told me he saw a 10 ft tall "bear" standing in a barn one day at dusk as he opened the front doors. It ran out the back doors on two legs.


ENVIRONMENT: Swampy, with nearby farms.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness at length on 25 March 2004. In my opinion, the witness was credible and veracious.

In January of 1992 or 1993, the witness was "hunting hogs" with a ".308 lever-action Savage," when he turned and saw an animal that he had never seen before at a range of "probably 50 yards," rise up from a squatting position. The animal was "covered from head to toe, except for the face" with hair or fur of a "chestnut" color, was bipedal and appeared to be "six and a half or seven feet tall."

The witness said that upon initially seeing the animal, an expletive entered his mind. As the creature arose from the squatting position, the witness became acutely aware that what he was seeing was unlike any animal he had seen before. Instantly, he raised his weapon in an almost instinctive manner. Then it occurred to him not to shoot the animal. The witness had earlier shot a coyote at several hundred yards, so he knew that his gun was properly sighted. Then he thought, "There's got to be more than one," meaning, there were probably others out of the witness's field of vision and had he shot this one, he possibly would have been forced to contend with others. Man and beast stood still and studied each other, the witness focusing on the creature's eyes; the creature seemingly studying the witness's clothes. The witness continued to peer through his "four-power scope" for what seemed like 30 seconds before the beast simply turned away and hurriedly walked off. The witness was shaken and thought to himself, "So this is what Bigfoot looks like."

The witness was particularly struck by the eyes of the animal, which he described as "soft; non-threatening; not aggressive." The creature's facial skin appeared to be black. I asked the witness if he had viewed the Patterson-Gimlin footage, to which he answered, "Yes." I then asked him for a comparison of the two figures. The witness said that the creatures were similar, but the one he saw was "thinner, wasn't as stooped, and walked off easily in an easy stride." The witness went on to add that "it stood and walked very quickly and naturally with no trouble at all."

The witness stated that he only told one other individual, who has since passed on, about his encounter. It was an old man, who told the witness that what he saw was "that damned, old monkey that lives down there."

The witness and I will meet at the location of the sighting in the very near future. I will amend this report as updates are necessary.

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