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Report # 8804  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 6, 2004.
Man has afternoon sighting and finds scat on his property near Flat River
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YEAR: 1997


MONTH: November

DATE: unknown

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Person County

LOCATION DETAILS: south of roxboro near hurdle mills


NEAREST ROAD: highway 157

OBSERVED: it.started about june of 1997 with a loud wistleing at night.i kept trying to figure out what kind of bird or animal was i have never heard anythang like this before.shortly after i started hearing the noises at night i found some strange feces at the edge of the woods about 100 yds or so from my house .i have never seen any like it before. it looked sort of human but i could tell what ever it was it had ben eating leaves and grass. idont remember quite but it was about aug or sept the whistleing stoped.i figured what ever it was had gone. in oct two of my brothers came over and we went squirrel hunting.on the way back to the house we walked close to the area where i saw the feces. one of my went one way and me and my brother made circle came back around and met our other brother.when we got back around to where he was he came running up to us all excited saying did you see that did you see that i said no i didnt see anything. he said it must have ran rite by you. i ask him again. what did he see. he said i dont know it was gray and ijust saw back of this thing. he said it didnt a deer or dog or any animal. after that i didnt think much.but about 1 month later i dont remember the date but it was november 3;oo in the afternoon i looked out the upstairs of my house and mabey a little over 100yds away at about the spot where i saw the feces i saw these two cretures they were gray. they were standing side by side sort of swaying back and forth.i watched for about 10 sec. and then i done someing i souldnt have done i ran down stairs as fast as i could to try and get a better look. when i got out the back door they were gone. its hard to say how tall they were mabey 5 ft mabey 6 ft. they were taller than any 4 legged wild animals that lives around here.that was the last i have or heard from these things. some time after it was all over i remembered something that happened before all this started. i am not sure but i thank it was in the spring of 97 just through the woods a short ways from where the feces was there was an old barbed wire fince. in the top strand of this about 4 ft off the ground was some long gray hair. it was about 4 mabey 5 in of hair on each side of the barb. and i remember thinking at the time what kind of animal around here has hair like this. 1997

ALSO NOTICED: wistleing at nite. feces at edge of woods.andhair in fence.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 myself and my 2 brothers we were hunting. also a nabour heard the noises at nite

OTHER STORIES: i dont know of any.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: noises at nite siteings in daylight wether was warm and clear

ENVIRONMENT: mixture of hardwood pine and cider mostley hardwood with creek bottom near by

Follow-up investigation report:

The sighting location is south of Roxboro and near Flat River. It is very rural with open fields, farmlands, and woods. Houses are spaced very far apart. The woods are mixed with oak, sweet gum, and pine. There are creeks in the area, as well as a swamp resulting from beaver activity. The terrain is mostly flat with some small hills.

The witness states that he had been hearing whistling he could not identify during the summer months in 1997. He is familiar with the sounds of local birds and animals. At a much later date, he identified a whistle on a website that sounded identical to what he had heard. He said it was close to a chimpanzee whistle. He spoke to a neighbor who had also heard the whistling. The neighbor assumed it was the witness who was whistling.

The woods behind his residence are about 100 yards from the back porch. In this same time period, and on more than one occasion, he noticed odd feces on his property, that were similar to human feces. The feces were eight inches long, with leaves and grass that were only partially digested. He noted that there was little moisture in the feces, similar to a picture of feces on another bigfoot website.

He also had seen long gray hair, about 8 to 10 inches long, caught on a barb wire fence. He thought little of it at the time, and did not collect it. In retrospect, he believes the hair belonged to the animals he saw.

In October 1997, the visiting brother of the witness also had an afternoon sighting while squirrel hunting on the property. He saw the back of something large that was gray. This sighting was approximately 75 to 100 yards away from the location of the feces the witness had found. The brother of the witness cannot be readily contacted.

In November 1997 at 3:00 pm, the witness was watching television at home with his uncle. When the witness was upstairs, he saw two animals in his backyard. They had long gray hair, and were standing beside each other on their hind legs. The animals were standing at the edge of the woods on the property, about 100 yards away from the back of the house. The location was in the same spot where the witness had previously found feces.

The creatures had V-shaped torsos and were very broad across the shoulders. They were swaying back and forth and shifting weight from one foot to the other "as if to get a better view." The uncle had just recently gone out to the back porch, prior to the sighting.

The witness thought to himself, "What the hell was that?" He said that even though his eyes were seeing it, his brain couldn't accept it. He said, "You don't expect to see something like that." He watched them for about 10 seconds. He then ran downstairs, and out the back of the house. He asked his uncle if he had seen anything, but the uncle had not seen the animals. The creatures were gone once the witness was outside.

The witness then retrieved a shotgun and looked around the field and creek behind his property, to see if he could get a better look at the animals, or find any additional evidence. He saw no tracks, and did not smell anything unusual. After an unsuccessful search, he returned to the house.

Temperature was approximately 50 degrees. The weather was clear. The witness said he could see just fine, and there was no problem with the light. He said, "There was plenty of daylight."

In May 2004, the witness also smelled something odd while maintaining the back of his property. He said, "It smelled like an old dumpster. But, I don't know what it was."

When asked about other possible encounters or activity, the witness recounted that dogs had previously chased something in the woods behind his house. They were running in a zigzag pattern, as if chasing something that was trying to evade them. When the witness investigated, he saw a deer running toward the dogs. The dogs were pursuing something else. The brush was dense, so he did not investigate further. He does not know if the behavior of the dogs was related to his sighting or not.

The witness also has a garden in the back. He would regularly shoot large full-grown groundhogs that would invade his garden. He would then discard the carcasses near the back of his property. They would almost always be gone the next day. Again, the witness does not know if their disappearance is related to his sighting.

I asked the witness if this could have been a bear. He admitted that bears have been seen in the area. (Note: there is no resident bear population in Person county). He said that bears do not have long gray hair, do not whistle, and do not stand, swaying back and forth on their hind legs.

When asked if this could have been a prank or a joke, the witness said he didn't see how, or why anyone could do anything like that, or even think about doing that. The duration of the whistling (months) and its volume led him to believe that no human was responsible.

The witness seemed very credible. He also submitted the sighting to North Carolina Bigfoot Investigations.

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