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Report # 9212  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 24, 2004.
Rural residents disturbed by nighttime activity near Buffalo Creek
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Orange County

OBSERVED: In connection with report #8804, my house is approximately 5 miles south of this sighting. Throughout the spring of 2004, our neighborhood was disturbed regularly by something walking through the woods at night. Almost everyone in the neighborhood was affected, in that we would hear footsteps, twigs snapping, and one neighbor heard scratching on the side of the house. Outside my kitchen window, which is about 8 feet off the ground, the plants are all smashed down like something repeatedly stood there. My neighbor sleeps with his bedroom windows open and hears it approaching in the middle of the night. The dogs in the area would absolutely go nuts! He has night vision and just as soon as he gets outside, he hears the footsteps slowly moving away. He never picked up anything on the nightvision. In May 2004 I came home late, about midnight, and as I was exiting the car, I heared a the classic bigfoot scream way out in the distance, maybe half a mile away. In July, it all suddenly ended and we haven't heard anything since.

ALSO NOTICED: Outside of the dogs going wild almost every night and then suddenly everything became peaceful. No scents or feces noticed. I sat on my back porch one night and heard it coming through the woods. Shined a powerful spotlight into the woods, but didn't see a thing. If it is grey in color, I can understand why.

OTHER WITNESSES: Apparently about 6 neighbors affected.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12:00am - 3:00am

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwood forests with open fields for tobacco. Small streams nearby. Lots of deer, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

Follow-up investigation report:

The area of the activity is mostly hardwood forests interspersed with farms of various sizes. There are many tobacco farms in the area. Streams and ponds are abundant. There are quite a few houses, but the acreage per lot is quite large

On more than one occasion throughout the spring of 2004, the witness and his neighbors heard a two-footed creature walking through the woods. Dogs in the area would seemingly respond simultaneously to the animal by barking incessantly. In the words of the witness, “The dogs would go ape.”

The witness did hear a scream one night that sounded very similar to a purported Bigfoot vocalization he had heard played on the Art Bell show. This scream came from a large wooded area (approximately 30 acres) in the back of his neighbor’s property.

Neighbors in the area were also disturbed and had called the police to investigate. Nothing was found. Another neighbor with night vision gear was unable to identify the source of the sounds. The witness agreed to ask the neighbor if he would be willing to speak with me.

There is no resident black bear population in Orange County. Over a thirty year period, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission reported one verified black bear sighting in the county.

I asked if any other animal could have been responsible for the disturbances. The witness said, “No way. The only other thing it could have possibly been was a person.” The witness is positive it was two-footed. He is also familiar with the sounds of other animals. The duration of the activity (i.e. months) and its unusual nature leads the witness to consider that possibility to be negligible. Residents do not enter the woods except in the fall for hunting season. The witness also said, “There is zero chance of this being a prank or a joke.”

The witness recently read report 8804 for Person County, which is relatively close to his residence. The proximity of that sighting and the unexplained disturbances in the spring prompted him to submit his report. Activity abruptly stopped in July, but the witness will contact me if the disturbances resume.

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