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Report # 9407  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 28, 2004.
Two children discover small footprints frozen on the surface of a creek near Jackson.
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YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Breathitt County

LOCATION DETAILS: Turn off highway 15 toward Lost Creek about 8 miles.


NEAREST ROAD: not sure of the number it ran through lost creek

OBSERVED: As a small child i grew up in south eastern kentucky. Each winter the creek that ran next to our home would freeze over and we would skate on a area we had built a crude dam on. One morning after the creek had frozen back hard after partly thawing my sister and i went to play on the ice. When we arived we noticed that what apeared to be a small bare footed child had walked across the ice before it had fully frozen. The track had a definite form a heel, front pad and five toes .It had crossed a distance of about twenty feet in six steps went up a steep bank slipped down and went on up the bank. No other prints were ever seen and i have never heard of any other encounters in that area. The print was about eight inchs long and three or four inches wide.

ALSO NOTICED: in this area of kentucky there is a large amount of heavily wooded areas thousands of acres with little to no human contact with lots of reclaimed areas with fruit trees turnips and other folage and numerus abandoned mines some well over 100 years old the area of big branch is probably 1000 acres with only a few weekend atv riders ever on them which is heavily wooded and uninhabitited

OTHER WITNESSES: my sister just going to play on the ice

OTHER STORIES: My mother once told us a story of where she lived about 15 miles from there in the big branch area when she was a child and was staying with her grandmother when at night her grandmother would place a bucket with scraps from dinner on the back porch and she thought this was strange that she didnt feed them to the hogs they kept when she asked her grandmother why she did that she told her that was for her hairy man thinking it was only a story to keep the kids in the house at night they decided to stay up to see and she said they witnessed a man covered in brown hair come down from the hill and take the bucket sit down next to the well box only a few yards from the house and it ate the food placed the bucket back on the porch and disapeared back int othe woods

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early morning and very cold below freezing with a light snow

ENVIRONMENT: heavily wooded long hollow at that time only dirt road very few familys on that hollow high applacine moutains

Follow-up investigation report:

After speaking with the witness, the following information can be added to the report.

The witness stated that they were perfectly preserved human-like footprints and added that the possibility of a human leaving them was extremely low because of sparse population and freezing weather. The prints had been made overnight when something walked through the slush ice that had formed the day before from a combination of thawing and precipitation. The toes were quite distinct and eliminated the possibility of shoe prints in the opinion of the witness. The estimated depth of the print in the ice was just over one inch.

I discussed the possibility of talking with his mother about the content of the report in the other stories section. The timing for speaking with her currently is not good because of a family issue, but I do hope to get that opportunity in a few months.

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