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Report # 9545  (Class A)
Submitted on Saturday, October 16, 2004.
Motorist has morning sighting on road outside Sweet Gum Head
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YEAR: Late 1980s


DATE: Late 1980s

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Holmes County

LOCATION DETAILS: The road in between Geneva, Alabama and the Rural community of Sweet Gum Head, Florida.

NEAREST TOWN: Geneva, Alabama


OBSERVED: My sister, one late night was coming from work in Geneva, Alabama. She was passing thur another rural community not far from our home, in Holmes Co. Fl. She said she saw something ahead of her about 300 feet big and hairy standing near the road and the closer she got it moved away from the highway into the woods. She slowed down to see if it was a man, of course it wasn't and she thought from a far, it had on a light green arm jacket with long hair, flowing over it, but it wasn't a arm jacket at all. But it was covered in hair. stood over 6 to 7 feet tall. She needless to say, made sure she chose a different way home to avoid another encounter or never break down.

ALSO NOTICED: She said she thought is was a bum in a army jacket, but as she got closer, it wasn't.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my sister.

OTHER STORIES: Not at this time, none if known.

ENVIRONMENT: swamping land, low lying area, big pines, and some fields near by.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Robert S. (MD):

Spoke with the submitter of this report, and received permission to contact her sister, the witness, who still works in Geneva and travels the same road where she had the sighting years before.

During our phone conversation the witness seemed very credible as she related her encounter. She is uncertain of the exact year, but estimates the sighting took place in the late 1980s, in the Fall or Winter (it was “chilly”). She was on her way home from a night shift at about 7-8am (the sun was up). There were no other cars on the road at the time. She had just crested over a slight hill going about 60mph when a remarkably tall, dark figure caught her eye on the road ahead at the next hill crest, an estimated 3/10 mile ahead (upon request she measured the distance on her odometer during a recent commute).

The figure crossed the road left to right, and appeared to “stroll in no particular hurry.” Upon leaving the road the figure walked straight into the thick woods which were about 15 feet from the edge of the road. By the time the figure entered the woods, she estimates closing to within 50 yards (“half a football field”). At first she thought it was a bear walking upright, but as she began to close the distance she thought it was possibly an extremely tall man in a fur coat. As she got closer she realized the figure was completely covered in medium brown hair, and remembers seeing hair approximately 6-12 inches long hanging down from the bottom of the arms. The figure was an estimated seven feet tall.

She believes it had turned to look at her when heading for the woods, and recalls a “dark area” where the face was but does not recall distinct facial features. No unusual details were recalled about head shape, limb proportions, or gait. She denies any unusual odor or sounds, but the windows were rolled up as it was cold outside that morning. She had briefly slowed to about 45mph while approaching the area, but sped back up when she became extremely frightened at the realization at what she had seen. She does note seeing pictures of a sasquatch at some point before this incident, and she believes that is what she saw that morning.

She avoided the route for some time afterward for fear of her car breaking down along that road, but now has been driving the road for years with no other sightings.

Of note, report #14181 from March 2006 is from the same general area.

Update (11/22/06): Visited location of report. Distances accurate, and crests of hills would have provided a good view of anything crossing the road, especially that time of the morning with the vehicle up-sun. Edge of woods about 30' from roadway. Some sparse new residential development in area.

The two photos below show the incident location.

Driver's view looking west toward sighting location.

Note: As these pictures were taken in the late afternoon, the sun angles would be reversed for her early morning sighting.

Sighting location view looking east toward driver. Creature would have crossed right to left in picture (to the north).

About BFRO Investigator Dr. Robert S. (MD):

Robert S. is a physician practicing in Florida. He has attended the 2006 Florida, New York Adirondack, and Washington expeditions, the 2008 West Virginia expedition, 2013 N. Florida and Alabama expeditions, the 2014 and 2015 N. Florida expeditions, and numerous private expeditions.

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