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Central Florida Expedition 2009

This expedition was held on:

February 19 - 22 (Thurs. - Sun.) 2009

It was the third BFRO expedition in Central Florida. The Florida BFRO group stumbled upon this area in November 2008, and had some close encounters there prior to the trip.

Some participants split off from the main expedition and returned to other known areas in Central Florida.

The report for this expedition will be available soon on the BFRO's public forum, in the section for past expedition notes.

Reports from previous BFRO expeditions in Florida:

- Expedition in Lake County, Florida

- Expedition in Hillsborough County, Florida

- Expedition near Big Cypress Preserve, Florida

- Expedition in the Florida Panhandle

If you are a non-member who missed out on this Florida expedition, but you want to make sure that you don't miss out on the next trip in Florida, you can pay an advance registration fee. The fee can apply to any subsequent expedition anywhere in the country if you miss the next Florida trip.

To reserve a slot for the next Florida expedition you must speak with the chief organizer for Florida, Caroline Curtis. You will find her email on the Expedition FAQ page. Please read that FAQ page before contacting her.



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